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  • Waiting for CD (physical software) to arrive...

    It is rare for orders not to arrive within two weeks. However, please note the following:

    If you have ordered regular shipping (that is, the $8 shipping option), such orders normally take about 3 to 7 days (usually 3 to 5) after they are shipped out of our warehouse. Orders normally leave our warehouse within 24 hours. Keep in mind that if you live in an area that is not a major metropolitan area, this may delay the arrival of the product to your doorstep by a few days. And if you have ordered international shipping, in some instances your order may be delayed by customs as much as one to two weeks.

    If you have ordered 2-day shipping, orders normally are shipped out of our warehouse within 1 to 3 days, usually 1, and normally will arrive in 1 to 2 days.


    Due to the interests of time and manpower, our support team will track regular-shipped orders (within the U.S.) ONLY IF AT LEAST 15 DAYS HAVE PASSED since the order was originally placed. Or, if the order was for 2-day shipment, we will track it only after at least 5 days. (And for international orders, at least 5 weeks must have passed since the order was placed.) After that time period, we will trace your order, provided that you do the following:
       1.) Be sure to set your email setting to allow all email from us -- -- so as not to miss any replies! (The domain from which all our emails are sent is  In other words, in order to ensure that you will receive our response to your email, be sure that your spam-protection program is set to allow this email to reach you and/or that our address is listed as an allowed address in your email program. This is sometimes referred to as "whitelisting" or removing a "blacklisting." YOU MUST ENABLE IN YOUR ALLOWED EMAILERS, WHITE LIST, OR WHATEVER YOUR ANTISPAM PROVIDER USES TO ALLOW EMAIL TO PASS THROUGH TO YOUR INBOX.
       2.) Send an email to
       3.) The subject line of the email must include the exact phrase "software questions" (otherwise, it will be assumed to be spam/trash)
       4.) In the body of the email, state that "I am requesting that my Writers SuperCenter order be traced. It has not yet arrived."
       5.) Make sure that you include your name, address, phone number, email address (and an alternate email address, if you have one), and a FAX number, if you have one.
       6.) Also include the name of the product, the date that product was purchased, and shipping mode (either "regular," "international," or "2-day").
       7.) Let us know if you feel that there may have been any problems with the address you originally gave to us. If you have an alternate address that is more reliable, please note that.
    We will then promptly track your order, and if necessary we will re-mail the product (via Priority Mail) if it is within U.S. If, however, it is outside of the U.S. we will only offer a download of the product to replace the lost product.
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