SEO Ethics Codes

Companies that do Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) are proliferating, and many have become an obtrusive presence on the Internet. Thus, SEO codes of ethics can be important. The code of ethics designed by Bruce Clay (Bruce Clay, Inc., Internet Business Consultants) has been adopted by other SEOs (for instance, Custom Fit Communications Group, SEO Toolset, ACA Web Consulting, E3Internet, and others). Other SEO codes of ethics include those of Rank For Sales. Directory One, Global Promoter,
and StepForth, to name just a few. (NOTE: This list does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of any of these companies.)

Corporate Codes of Ethics (U.S.)

Here are codes of ethics of several U.S. corporations. (Related topics: Refer also to Business Associations' codes of ethics categories.)

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