Health/Medical Associations’ Codes of Ethics

The following are codes of ethics of associations dealing with healthcare or medicine generally. (Related topics: See also specific medical specialties under other Health Associations' Code of Ethics categories. For codes of ethics of hospitals and other medical-related companies, see Companies' Codes of Ethics category; for codes of ethics, pledges, honor codes of universities/schools of medicine, see Schools' category; and for universal declarations of human rights, human research, etc., see Governments' codes of ethics – Global category in the Honest Government blog.)

  • American Medical Technologists
    • Code
      of Ethics
    • Standards of Practice
    • American Medical Writers Association
    • American Public Health Association
      • Resolution: Biomedical Experimentation in the Institutional Setting:
        . . .
      • Policy Statement 7922: Infant Feeding Advertising
      • Policy Statement 7907: The Right to Second Trimester Abortion
      • Policy Statement 7910: Reproductive Health and Rights of Workers
      • Policy Statement 7915: Protection of Civil Liberties of Health Workers
      • Australian Medical Association
      • Medical Library Association
      • Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (formerly Municipal Institut Of Medical Research, Barcelona, Spain)
        • Code of Good Scientific Practice
        • National Academy of Sciences, Board on Medicine
          • Cardiac Transplantation in Man
          • My Pledge to My Patients (Physicians for Compassionate Care, Oregon, 1996)
          • World Medical Association
            • Declaration of Geneva
              • Code of Ethics (1968)
              • Code of Ethics (1994)
              • World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki (Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects)
              • Declaration of Oslo
              • Declarationof Tokyo
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