Declaration of the Positive Writer

The following is my "Positive Writer Declaration," a declaration that all writers (especially fiction writers, screenwriters, etc.) can use to remind themselves and direct themselves to write "positively," in all the moral and inspirational senses of that word. It is based on the simple, yet powerful, notion that we are all made better when we increase our awareness of the potential effects (good and bad) of whatever we are creating (especially what we write) and act (write) as though we are responsible for whatever effects actually occur.

The Declaration of the Positive Writer is a work in progress that I first introduced on my website on June 18, 2006. I need you, the readers, to tell me what you think of it, how it can be improved, what you think should be changed or added. Just use the "Comments" link (farther below) to add your ideas for improving the wording of the Declaration. Let's brainstorm together on this valuable project! (And please feel free to use the declaration in your personal life and to post it on your websites — with proper attribution: "courtesy" so that our message will be spread throughout the web!)


Whereas I am aware of the power to influence that I hold in my stories;

And whereas I am aware of the ease and swiftness with which stories, in this massive media age, can be seen and read and repeated by many people and imitated and reinterpreted by fellow writers;

Whereas the topics on which I write and which I am interested in writing are those which have come to my attention through the experiences I've had, the people I've met, and the stories and information that I have absorbed;

And whereas the stories I write may affect my own attitudes (as well as the attitudes of all who read those stories);

And whereas I possess a special opportunity – through my stories – to influence many more people than merely those whom I meet personally day-to-day;

And whereas I, as a writer, influence the styles and ideas of other writers;

And whereas I, like most everyone else, influence others every day of my life merely by my day-to-day examples, attitudes, actions, etc.;

And whereas positive experiences and information tend to build me up – uplift me – and to influence/affect my actions, which in turn affect those around me, often in positive ways – while negative experiences and information tend to bring me down and handicap me and fog my thinking and my attitudes as well as to influence/affect my actions, which can in turn affect those around me in negative ways;

I therefore affirm that it is important to seek out positive experiences in all my activities, both those directly related to my writing education as well as my daily life, from the books I read and movies and tv shows I view to the people I associate with and the general experiences I seek out, in order to gradually direct myself to more and more positive experiences and influences, which will pervade more and more of my actions, including my writing and the topics I choose to write about and the approach I use towards those topics.