Get The Fed Out Of Here

Get The Fed Out Of Here is a lively group with a serious purpose that my wife (see her blog at LibertySweeper’s Thoughts) and I have established and started running in our hometown, and we hope that it will grow both there and in other places. Basically, we talk about ways that government at every level — city, state, and (mainly) federal — has intruded in the lives of American citizens and we learn about how it's happened and what needs to be done to help reverse the trend. The resources listed in this Honest Government blog (labeled as "Reference" in the Categories in the right-hand column) are an important source for knowledge about the extent of government's reach.
          Government is like plastic; it's in everything — many things that we don't think about and some we aren't even aware of — from small businesses to giant corporations, from day care facilities to emergency rooms, from public schools to teachers' unions, and on and on and on. And like plastic in waste dumps, it's starting to overflow, stink, and bury us all. But the effects of excess government can be reversed. The first steps are as simple as care, thought, knowledge… and honesty. Honesty is a key ingredient: honesty about what's happening, honesty about what government is and what it should be, honesty about who's benefiting and who's not benefiting, honesty about what needs to be sacrificed, honesty about what are our rights and what are not our rights, and honesty about what we are doing, aren't doing, and must do.
          We should have Get The Fed Out Of Here listed on and other sites very soon. Look for more about the group in the coming days and months.

          See also LibertySweeper’s Thoughts.