Historic Views on Government – Aron

Honest opinion about government from Raymond Claude Ferdinand Aron:

The intellectual who no longer feels attached to anything is not satisfied with opinions merely; he wants certainty, he wants a system. The Revolution provides him with his opium.

Communist faith justifies the means. Communist faith forbids the fact that there are many roads towards the Kingdom of God.

[F]ar from being the…philosophy of the Proletariat, Communism merely makes use of…pseudo-science in order to attain its own end, the seizure of power.
   The Opium of the Intellectuals, 1955

French sociologist, philosopher, and political scientist, Raymond Aron was a lecturer at the University of Cologne (1930-1931) and taught at various institutions, including the University of Toulouse, where he taught sociology. He received many honorary degrees and wrote many papers and books, but is especially well known for L'Opium des Intellectuels (1955) [The Opium of the Intellectuals]. He wrote also Main Currents in Sociological Thought (1961).

Quotation and short bio from The Quotable Conservative: The Giants of Conservatism on Liberty, Freedom, Individual Responsibility, and Traditional Values. Rod L. Evans and Irwin M. Berent, editors. Holbrook, Mass.: Adams Publishing, 1996.

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