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Muse Software turns you into a master communicator on two fronts: a creative writer of all kinds of stories (from short stories to novels) and an eloquent speaker/storyteller! In short, the Muse gives you the power to generate ideas, write, speak and lead with confidence.

This powerful software suite will assist you in developing ideas into blockbuster fiction or world-class presentations and honing your skills in crafting great stories or delivering impressive speeches and presentations.

We've assembled key fiction and general communications tools to provide you with an unmatched solution for enhancing and improving your communication skills. Not only will the Muse help you write blockbuster novels and other kinds of fiction but also to become a better, stronger and more confident communicator, able to translate thoughts into words, books, and presentations that will dazzle the world and lead to success, promotions, action on the part of the readers/listeners, and increased sales for the entrepreneur.


At the heart of Muse are two powerful, fully integrated tools that provide enormous creative fuel:

1) The Idea Browser, which contains more than 10,985,690 words, phrases, quotes, definitions, rhymes, song lyrics and over 3,000,000 keyword-tagged images updated with 12,000 to 15,000 related terms per week. This massive super-thesaurus of words and images — all fully manipulatable and interactive — gives you the associative power to create fully-developed stories that dazzle readers or dynamic speeches that spell-bind any audience. (Read here about the phenomenon of Associative Thinking and how it's harnessed in the Muse's Idea Browser.)

2) The Topics Browser allows you easily to work with ExpertTopic Modules (described below), each containing hundreds of thought-provoking questions designed by 100s of experts in fiction, non-fiction, communicating, management, innovation, and problem solving. Those questions guide you through the process of crafting great stories or effective presentations and help you quickly drill down to the solutions you need. (To formulate those questions, over 200 literary and industry leaders — including best-selling authors, accomplished technical and business writers, MBAs, PhDs, CEOs, all acknowledged experts in their fields — were interviewed to find out how they solve the problems they confront every day. Then all that expertise was sorted and condensed into two carefully targetted ExpertTopic Modules (described below) so that all that instant expertise is available to you, 24 x 7, with Muse.)

Together these two power supplies are the source for the Innovation & Brainstorming Engine, which makes up the heart of the Process. This Process allows you to tap into the knowledge you already have, take your idea, help you carve out new associations, and guide you through the entire process from conception to final draft. (Click here for elaboration on how the Process works)

The Expert Topic Modules For Creative Writing, Speechwriting, and Related Topics

Muse combines the award-winning Innovation & Brainstorming Engine with Expert Topic Modules for creative writing, public speaking, speechwriting, and other forms of written and spoken communication:

  Expert Topic Module #1 - Expert Writer

     If you don't know it by now, world-class fiction and non-fiction writers, storytellers, and speechwriters use world-class tools. And the Expert Writer module is, in itself, a must-have writing tool for those in need of inspiration, creativity and story-building resources, all of which go into creating great novels and other stories as well as making great presentations. There is no better way than through Muse and its Expert Writer to help you create and manipulate words.

     Here's a quick sample of the guidance included in Expert Writer:

• Intro to Your Story
• Character and Story Development
• Viewpoint
• Scene Architecture
• Working With Genres
• Closing the Loop to Perfect Your Story

     The Expert Writer module contains hundreds of questions and prompts created by successful writers of fiction and non-fiction, and distilled down for your use, 24/7. Imagine it. A proven collaborator who never tires, never sleeps, at your beck and call. That's The Expert Writer.

     (Then add the associative power of the integrated idea search engine — IdeaBrowser — which allows you to search for word associations, definitions, synonyms, keyword-tagged images, rhymes, song lyrics — more than 10,985,690 "idea particles”, which you can include in your brainstorming session with a quick click of the mouse.)

     Major Topical Categories in the Expert Writer module include:

• Creative Writing Exploration
• Developing Your Characters
• Establishing Point of View
• Developing Convincing Scenes
• Adventure, Children's Lit/Young Adult, Comic, Humor, Fantasy
• Historical, Horror, Literary, Mystery
• Poetry, Romance, Science Fiction, Suspense, Western
• Revising Your Work

Sample Screenshot (click to enlarge)

  Expert Topic Module #2 - Expert Speaker

     The Expert Speaker Module helps you to prepare, write, and deliver persuasive, energizing speeches and presentations. This module can be used to quickly prepare for any kind of speaking situation you'll ever be in — both within the corporate world and outside of it.

     The questions and guidance contained in Expert Speaker are the result of many hours of interviews with successful speakers and presenters. We got them to tell us how they create great presentations, from start to finish, then condensed their years of experience into one comprehensive resource. Used by successful executives and presenters world wide, Expert Speaker is their "secret weapon” for developing effective speeches that are both well received and have a lasting impact.

     Major Topical Categories in the Expert Speaker module include:

• Speech and Presentation Orientation
• Developing Content and Structure
• Preparations for Delivery
• Speech and Presentation Evaluation

Sample Screenshot (click to enlarge)



  • Operating System: Windows NT, XP, Windows 2000-2013, Vista, 7, 8, 9, or higher
  • Memory: 24 MB RAM minimum
  • Disk Space: 10 MB of available hard space space
  • Processor: Any AMD or Intel processor that supports the versions of Windows listed above

  • Mac:

  • Operating System: 10.3 to 10.5.3
  • Memory: 24 MB RAM minimum
  • Disk Space: 10 MB of available hard space space
  • Processor: G4, G5, Intel

  • Muse $127

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