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(Plots Unlimited

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STORYBASE is indeed "Plots Unlimited" on steroids!  This is the much-expanded and much-upgraded version of the amazing "Plots Unlimited" program that has been around for years...and each year continually outsells virtually every other fiction-writing and screenwriting program. Why? Because it's not just useful, it's downright fascinating to use. Consider this...

STORYBASE provides the fiction writer with a virtual encyclopedia of brief, explicit, linked (linked - that's the important word!) plot devices and story twists and turns - thousands of them - story situations the writer might not have thought of - and suggests where to take the story next - as well as how the characters arrived at their present place. That's right - with STORYBASE - you can build your story backward as well as forward.

Created by a highly successful film/TV/stage writer, Tom Sawyer (see bio), STORYBASE is an elegant, easy-to-use software program that helps fiction writers and screenwriters generate solidly constructed story plots and outlines. It's regarded as an indispensable tool by thousands of successful writers throughout the world.

With the STORYBASE software program the writer creates his or her own story or plot outline - in the form of a standard text file which is easily exported into any word-processing program.

Here's How STORYBASE Works!

The heart of STORYBASE is a huge database of specific, interconnected plot segments like the examples below. STORYBASE contains thousands of these concise story suggestions! Each is linked to from 2 to 14 others - each taking your story to it's next step - each in a different direction!

Note how, in the above example, starting with the same jumping-off point (Todd loses his job) STORYBASE presents alternative story choices that send the action in different directions. We've included only two of the seven possibilities the actual program offers. And we've only carried these stories two steps forward. With STORYBASE you can add many more steps - and you can work backward from your starting point as well!

And note how your own imagination involuntarily kicks in! Todd hijacking an airplane is merely a suggestion. In your story Todd might be a teenager "borrowing" a car, an Old-West bandit commandeering a stagecoach, a little girl who's grabbed someone's shopping-cart - or even an android stealing a space-taxi!

STORYBASE doesn't write your story for you, instead it tweaks your creativity, sending it off in directions you might not have thought of - helping you to be a more productive, successful writer and storyteller!

Only STORYBASE puts this one-of-a-kind library at your fingertips! Over 5,600 story-moves and surprising twists that you combine in virtually limitless combinations - more than 200,000 of them! Ideas that will send your imagination soaring, jump-starting your creativity - and all of them based on that essential ingredient of fiction writing - Characters in conflict!

Kick off your stories instantly - with a MasterPlot, a set of characters, a type of story, or any of four other STORYBASE methods! Begin at the beginning, the end, or in the middle! Work forward - or backward - or both! Or branch out sideways! It's as easy as a keystroke or a click of your mouse! Whether you're starting from scratch or filling holes in a work-in-progress, with STORYBASE you'll get results in minutes!

Simple to use, STORYBASE lets you say goodbye to Writer's Block forever! Crime, Vengeance, Romantic Misadventures, Obligation, Mistaken Judgment, Deliverance - these are just a few of the many story types you will apply to the kind of fiction you write, whether it's Adventure, Western, Romance, Science-Fantasy, Mystery, Suspense, Juvenile - or any other genre! STORYBASE is a must for anyone who takes fiction writing seriously.

These examples are but a few of the almost limitless variety of story ideas and plot-moves STORYBASE gives you.

What the Experts Say!

"Easy to use...Gets your creative juices flowing."
  L. R. Shannon, New York Times

"When I found a plotline I liked, the program fleshed it out beautifully, with plenty of plot twists, in less than a minute... A real blessing."
  James Tugend, The Journal, Writers Guild of America, West

"As a fiction writer's assistant, StoryBase can't be beat."
  Mark McIntire, PC Laptop

"Soldiers in the war against writer's block have a new weapon on their side, StoryBase."
  Paula Parisi, The Hollywood Reporter

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, XP, Vista, 2000-2013, 7, 8, 9, or higher.
64 MB of RAM or greater.
128 MB of free hard drive space.
800X600 (SVGA) or greater.
StoryBase $69

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