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ThoughtOffice PR Pro
Public Relations & Marketing Software
Windows or Mac

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ThoughtOffice PR Pro Software is a powerful bundle of interactive software that's a virtual public relations and marketing office at your fingertips, specifically designed to help you develop winning marketing plans, press releases, advertisements, stories, presentations, product names and much more...


ThoughtOffice PR Pro combines the award-winning ThoughtOffice Innovation & Brainstorming Engine (described farther below) with seven Expert Topic Modules pertinent to public relations and marketing. In addition, PR Pro includes a Rich Content media broadcast package worth up to $499 to submit your next press release or promotional media release. Also included are press release guides and templates as well as our extensive collection of press release samples.

Expert Topic Modules For Public Relations, Marketing, and Related Topics

  Expert Topic Module #1 - Expert PR

     Write Arresting Headlines And Create Dynamic Spin… In Moments!

     Public Relations is often said to be the engine that drives a product or a company. The Expert PR Module is the engine that drives effective PR agencies worldwide.

     By providing skilled and relevant prompts, then filling in the blanks with powerful associations, Expert PR quickly helps PR pros assemble product prose in no time. And if you could arrive at effective PR solutions for your clients within minutes, what would that do for your business?

     For your client? With over 10,985,690 possible creative responses, we can't list them all here. But you get the idea.

     Major Topical Categories in the Expert PR module include:

• Defining the Problem
• Analyzing the Organization's Situation
• Developing Program Goal's and Objectives
• Developing Program Strategy and Tactics
• Developing Program Management
• Evaluating Program Results
• Developing a Press Release
• Organizing a Special Event
• Appendix A: Public Relations Program Plan Format
• Appendix B: Press Release Format

Sample Screenshot (click to enlarge)

  Expert Topic Module #2 - Expert Marketer

     Marketing. Market research. Product positioning. These are very intensive disciplines, and getting the right answers is not always easy. But what if you could be in a brainstorming session with hundreds of your potential customers, and 20 of the world's best marketing minds? That's what the Expert Marketer Module brings to the table.

     Start your personal Brainstorming Session by opening the Expert Marketer Module — an expert selection of hundreds of marketing questions and prompts — or just type a relevant word or phrase into the IdeaBrowser, to inspire fresh ideas that will make your product stand out. What you get back is an expert outline that will show you how to market a great product, create new positioning, branding and product definitions, all appearing to come from some amazing marketing experts — because they do!

     Major Topical Categories in the Expert Marketer module include:

• Defining Your Purpose
• Assessing Current Marketing Environment
• Understanding Your Customer
• Understanding Your Product
• Assessing Your Competition
• Positioning Your Company and Product
• Marketing Strategies
• Testing and Evaluating Your Strategies

Sample Screenshot (click to enlarge)

  Expert Topic Module #3 - Expert Advertiser

     ThoughtOffice Expert Advertiser contains the concentrated expertise of successful ad execs, MBAs, CEOs, and other domain experts, and puts their skills at your fingertips. Their expertise will guide you to advertising success, with just a few clicks of your mouse.

     Advertising has always been one of the greatest places to stretch the creative mind. Great advertising relies on associations to create some reaction in your core audience. And the Expert Advertiser Module is the catalyst for well over 10,985,690 (you read that right, over TEN MILLION, NINE HUNDRED EIGHTY-FIVE THOUSAND) associations available from right within our IdeaBrowser Search Engine.

     Whether you need to reposition a service, drive a new product to market, or find a way to stop trade show traffic dead in their tracks, PR Pro and its Expert Advertiser Module are the solution. Now you can have the edge you need, 24/7, and a brainstorming team that never filters a potentially killer idea just because of some big ego.

     Major Topical Categories in the Expert Advertiser module include:

• Quick Start Advertiser
• General Context and Purpose of Your Ad
• Identifying Your Market, Competition, Customer
• Getting to Know Your Product
• Planning Your Strategy-Brainstorming Your Message
• Assembling the Elements of Your Ad
• Evaluate Your Advertisement

Sample Screenshot (click to enlarge)

  Expert Topic Module #4 - Expert Writer

     If you don't know it by now, world-class writers use world-class tools. And the Expert Writer module is, in itself, a must-have writing tool for those in need of inspiration, creativity and story-building resources, all of which go into making great presentations. Creatives are looking to ThoughtOffice Muse and its Expert Writer for help creating better, more lively word-play.

     Here's a quick sample of the guidance included in Expert Writer:

• Intro to Your Story
• Character and Story Development
• Viewpoint
• Scene Architecture
• Working With Genres
• Closing the Loop to Perfect Your Story

     The Expert Writer module contains hundreds of questions and prompts created by successful writers of fiction and non-fiction, and distilled down for your use, 24/7. Imagine it. A proven collaborator who never tires, never sleeps, at your beck and call. That's The Expert Writer.

     Then add the associative power of the integrated idea search engine — IdeaBrowser — which allows you to search for word associations, definitions, synonyms, keyword-tagged images, rhymes, song lyrics — more than 10,985,690 "idea particles”, which you can include in your brainstorming session with a quick click of the mouse.

     Major Topical Categories in the Expert Writer module include:

• Creative Writing Exploration
• Developing Your Characters
• Establishing Point of View
• Developing Convincing Scenes
• Adventure, Children's Lit/Young Adult, Comic, Humor, Fantasy
• Historical, Horror, Literary, Mystery
• Poetry, Romance, Science Fiction, Suspense, Western
• Revising Your Work

Sample Screenshot (click to enlarge)

  Expert Topic Module #5 - Expert Speaker

     The Expert Speaker Module helps you to prepare, write, and deliver persuasive, energizing speeches and presentations. This module can be used to quickly prepare for any kind of speaking situation you'll ever be in — both within the corporate world and outside of it.

     The questions and guidance contained in ThoughtOffice Expert Speaker are the result of many hours of interviews with successful speakers and presenters. We got them to tell us how they create great presentations, from start to finish, then condensed their years of experience into one comprehensive resource. Used by successful executives and presenters world wide, Expert Speaker is their "secret weapon” for developing effective speeches that are both well received and have a lasting impact.

     Major Topical Categories in the Expert Speaker module include:

• Speech and Presentation Orientation
• Developing Content and Structure
• Preparations for Delivery
• Speech and Presentation Evaluation

Sample Screenshot (click to enlarge)

  Expert Topic Module #6 - Expert Evaluator:

     Correctly analyzing any situation is a key to success and to clarity. If you could evaluate a situation, and tap into hundreds of minds to see it from many other perspectives (but in minutes instead of weeks or months), just think of what that could produce for you.

     That's the power of the ThoughtOffice Expert Evaluator Module. Successful leaders in schools, companies and governments world-wide use this module to open their minds to possibilities, and to prompt them to remember key issues and how to address them.

     Major Topical Categories in the Expert Evaluator include:

• Evaluating Your Mission, Purpose, and Process
• Assess Feasability and Implementation of Your Ideas
• Weighing Costs, Benefits, and Risks
• Assessing Originality, Interest, and Appeal
• Evaluating Simplicity, Efficiency, Effectiveness
• Addressing Humanitarian, Social, Environmental Concerns

Sample Screenshot (click to enlarge)

  Expert Topic Module #7 - Expert Expander:

     This overall topic module broadens the scope of your thinking and offers more than 2000 queries, prompts, comments, and ideas, all designed to to help you plumb the depths of any situation, problem, or project, and to develop a solid, enhanced plan for dealing with it, right from your own keyboard.

RichContent Press Release Package (included free)

RichContent, one of the leading online rich media submission portals, has graciously provided a free media broadcast package (value up to $499) to help accelerate your next press release or promotional media release.

With it you can quickly double your visibility and placement in top universal search ranking and have the potential to be seen by hundreds of thousands of readers, and thousands of editors and press people looking for the new-new thing.

We firmly believe that good PR will change you and your business in a great way. It beats paid advertising, and drives business both on and off the web, making measurable, long-term improvement on your company's bottom line. And if you lean into the RichContent press release submission component of this offer, you'll find that it beats your current Pay Per Click programs and many of your more costly web marketing promotions hands-down. (And we have the stats to prove it).

You win: with new business, thousands of new visitors to your web site, improved search engine ranking, and the inevitable sales.

And our entire package costs you less than what it would normally cost you just to use the RichContent service alone.

So… are you next? Would a killer headline, snappy copywriting and an effective offer, in front of over a million eyeballs a month make a difference in your business?

PR Pro's
Press Release Guidance

You also receive press release guidance documents to help you clarify and develop the core components of a perfect online and offline PR program. This resource has been developed over 16 years, in the field, developing winning PR programs for everyone from high-tech to architectural and environmental concerns to Trikke scooters and eAgency wireless technology solutions.

In addition, we include samples of winning press releases that have received hundreds of thousands of views online, and have been picked-up and printed in People, Time, Popular Science, Internet Week, eTrade News, Microsoft Press, Wall Street Journal and hundreds of well-known periodicals. We've also included a strategic outline of key elements for a successful PR program, and a quick thumbnail page of a technology press selection, as a working example you can use.

The ThoughtOffice PR Pro Innovation & Brainstorming Engine

At the heart of ThoughtOffice PR Pro are two powerful, fully integrated presentation tools that provide enormous creative fuel:

1) The Idea Browser, which contains more than 10,985,690 words, phrases, quotes, definitions, and over 3,000,000 keyword-tagged images updated with 12,000 to 15,000 related terms per week. This massive super-thesaurus of words and images — the very substance of thought itself — is fully manipulatable and interactive. (Read here about the phenomenon of Associative Thinking and how it's harnessed in the ThoughtOffice PR Pro's Idea Browser.)

2) The Topics Browser allows you easily to work with ExpertTopic Modules (described above in a previous section), each containing thousands of thought-provoking questions designed by 100s of experts in innovation, product development, product naming, and business problem solving. Those questions guide you through the innovation process and help you quickly drill down to the answers you need. (To formulate those questions, over 200 industry leaders — including MBAs, PhDs, CEOs, acknowledged experts in their fields — were interviewed to find out how they solve the problems they confront every day. Then all that expertise was sorted and condensed into seven carefully targetted ExpertTopic Modules so that all that instant expertise is available to you, 24 x 7, with ThoughtOffice PR Pro.)

Together these two power supplies are the source for the ThoughtOffice Innovation & Brainstorming Engine, which makes up the heart of the ThoughtOffice Process. This Process allows you to tap into the knowledge you already have, take your idea, help you carve out new associations, and guide you through the entire process from conception to final delivery. (Click here for elaboration on how the ThoughtOffice Process works)

The PR Pro Difference

Your most potent form of exposure is in the media. Whether you're raising money, or working to raise your profile so that clients and customers are asking to see you, PR is one of your most effective vehicles. In fact, we've seen companies receive funding and become wildly successful as the result of a single PR strategy executed well over a 90 day span.

We've personally generated millions of dollars for our own businesses and others as a result of well placed press releases, articles and interviews. This is not some POTENTIAL opportunity to gain success in your business. This is the real thing. Public Relations is the driving force for Fortune 500 firms… and your competitor down the street.

Either you have the story, or they do. And with PR Pro, you have the upper hand.

And, when you're developing market channel (resellers, retailers, distributors, etc.) there is no better demand generator then a push-pull marketing program led by regular PR efforts driven by PR Pro.

Some of the many benefits of great PR using PR Pro include:

• Developing your brand (name, logo & market recognition)
• Enhance your market presence (increased visibility)
• Helping you get into key accounts
• Helping you become recognized by investors
• Helping you defray competitive threats
• Increasing your market value (and company valuation)
• Generating sales leads… and creating product demand

So, get started now. And learn the secret that 492 of the Fortune 500 know about crafting PR: ThoughtOffice PR Pro makes it easy, powerful, and affordable. Order today!


  • Operating System: Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7, or higher
  • Memory: 24 MB RAM minimum
  • Disk Space: 10 MB of available hard space space
  • Processor: Any AMD or Intel processor that supports the versions of Windows listed above

  • Mac:

  • Operating System: 10.3 to 10.5.3
  • Memory: 24 MB RAM minimum
  • Disk Space: 10 MB of available hard space space
  • Processor: G4, G5, Intel

  • PR Pro $247

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