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Wizards for Students
(Part of Wizards for Word Deluxe Software)
Citations & Research Notes Database; Reference List/Works Cited Preparation and Formatting for Term Papers, Theses, Dissertations,
and Other Research Projects

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Citation Wizard SoftwareThe Wizards for Students has not only "Citation Wizard," a powerful researcher's reference-collection tool and database for keeping track of all of your research and citations, but it also has so many other features, it’s difficult to list them; however, here are a few:

  • Paper Wizard
  • Snatch-A-Citation
  • Grammar Wizard
  • Citation database
  • Virtual note-card database
  • Multiple computers/cloud service
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Becomes a part of Microsoft Word
  • Automatic formatting of table of contents
  • Automatic formatting of paper & citations

Citation Wizard instantly turns your MS Word program into a complete bibliographical/research notes program, containing a custom Database that stores raw research notes and citations, and then formats your term paper, thesis, dissertation, or other research project in MS Word.  (Note: styles can be either MLA or APA — you get both.)

Citation Wizard will store Virtual Note Cards, providing the user a quick way to copy and paste raw information into the database without a lot of data entry.  In addition, the user can store a website link (URL) to retrieve or access the data later.

Citation Wizard stores citations for APA and MLA papers.  And unlike any other products, it is fully editable and viewable.  Included is the exclusive Snatch-A-Citation that allows you to grab a citation from an Internet site like Worldcat.org and snatch it with a few clicks.  If you can display it, then we can snatch it.  Extensive built-in help is available with step by step instructions for entering data.  In addition, the database includes many sample entries from the selected style guide (either the APA Publication Manual or the MLA Handbook).  Sample papers show how they are rendered in the reference/works cited list.

And Citation Wizard allows you to link to many online sources to aid in your research.  A built-in exclusive web page provides these links, where you'll find entries for commercial databases, libraries, university resources, and more.  (See screenshots for a sample of the database-links page.)

Citation Wizard also provides style and grammar checking to ensure that all your work is free of major grammatical and usage errors.

Here are some sample screenshots from Citation Wizard:

The user can create and insert the citations selected for any given paper into the reference list at the click of a button:

     one of Citation Wizard's menus

Selecting a task is done at the click of a button:

     Citation Wizard's task selection menu

You can easily arrange, retrieve, and edit absolutely any of your research notes, citations, chapters, etc.:

     Citation Wizard's view edit menu

There's step-by-step help throughout:

Citation Wizard's help page sample

Setting your desired style is easy.  Here's an illustration of the fact that MLA and APA, also known as the "Harvard System," are available for term papers:

Citation Wizard's style-setting menu

Data entry is easy and thorough:
(click to enlarge)
Citation Wizard's data entry menu

By clicking on the Create/Redo Reference/Works Cited list button, your inserted list will appear in your paper:
sample of a Works Cited page created by Citation Wizard(click to enlarge)

The software provides you with a toolbar to format your paragraphs, including block quotations, headings, epigraphs, new chapters and more; at the click of a button, the paragraph is reformatted:

Citation Wizard's main formatter toolbar

The formatting utilizes easy fill-ins:
(click to enlarge)
one of Citation Wizard's formatting menus

The software creates automatic Table of Contents (for those papers needing one):
(click to enlarge)
sample Table of Contents created by Citation Wizard

For WINDOWS: All Wizards Software requires a full version of Microsoft Word (2003* thru 2016 see FAQs for more) running on a 32 or 64 bit version of Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 thru 10). These versions can be purchased, e.g., Office 2010 Home and Student, or rented Office Home Premium 365.

For MAC: All Wizards Software requires a full version of Microsoft Office Word 2011 running on a Macintosh with OSX 10.6 or higher.

Starter, RT, or any web-based-only versions of Word are not compatible.

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