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Script Wizard Script Formatting Software
for Screenplays, Teleplays, Sitcoms, Episodic Drama, Soap Scripts, Stage Plays and A/V Industrials

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Now going on its 17th year of production, with numerous updates and continual improvements, Script Wizard is the full-service screenplay/script-writing add-on to Microsoft® Word (PC only) that allows you to write, format, edit, proof, print, and deliver scripts. Ideal for both professionals and students.

From its earliest release, Script Wizard has been recognized as one of the most outstanding script-writing programs — and its popularity has only grown over the years. As early as May 1996, the prestigious New York Screenwriter Monthly began hailing Script Wizard as "[o]ne of the most impressive programs." Writing for the magazine, Ed Walloga has provided a picture-perfect description of the program in his review:

"Script Wizard is an add-on that gives dedicated script programs a run for their money. Easily loaded through Windows, Script Wizard turns Microsoft Word into a screenwriter's dream, offering 12 professional script formats to choose from, including screenplays [both spec and shooting scripts], teleplays, sitcoms, episodic drama, soap scripts, stage plays and A/V industrials. It also provides push button compiling of location breakdowns, 'sides' (selected scenes pulled for a specific actor), cast lists and production revisions."

"Even if some of these bells and whistles won't be used by everyone, their presence alone says something about the complexity of Script Wizard's programming. And perhaps more importantly, it provides the aspiring screenwriter with a professional program that they will not have to abandon as their career advances."

Script Wizard sits in your Microsoft Word program (from Word 97 to 2009, and beyond), unobtrusive but always easily accessible. "Script Wizard does nothing to alter Microsoft Word. In fact, you won't even know it's there until you choose to start a New File. Then you'll find a Script Wizard template added to your list of choices. Just click on it and Script Wizard walks you through the rest, beginning with an impressive list of script types to choose from, each illustrated with a sample page in case you're uncertain."

"Once you've made your choice, Script Wizard sets you up with the proper format, throws its custom tool bars on the screen, kicks you off with a FADE IN: and waits for you to drop in your first slug-line, automatically capitalizing it when you do (i.e. INT. APARTMENT - NIGHT). As with most formatting programs, Script Wizard is designed to know that action usually follows a slug-line, and so it skips a line and formats accordingly. After that, it assumes that a character heading is next, followed by dialog, and so on. Should you decide to do something different, you can access any format you need with a mouse click on the special Script Wizard tool bar, or even more conveniently, with a few simple key strokes (called shortcut keys), such as Ctrl+Shift+D for dialog."

Shortcut Keys

"Script Wizard also uses shortcut keys to make typing character names simpler. If you were adapting Faust, for example, rather than type out MEPHISTOPHELES every time the devil speaks, you'd simply set-up Ctrl+M as the shortcut key and let Script Wizard do the rest."

Special Options

"Much of this is standard for script writing programs, but Script Wizard offers less common options as well. One example is the dual column dialog function, which comes in handy if two characters have to deliver different passages of dialogue simultaneously."

Pagination and Scene Numbering

"Script Wizard also stands apart in its superior pagination and scene numbering functions. You never need to worry about these items until your screenplay is done, and then a fully customizable page break and numbering program is a mouse click away. It allows you to choose whether or not to include 'Continued's' at the top and bottom of the page, how to break dialog and which page number to start with. Scene numbering is treated with similar versatility. And if you need to insert, omit or revise a scene once your pagination is 'locked,' you can rest easy with the program's revision functions, which will create 'A' pages as necessary to avoid throwing off your page and scene numbers. This is particularly useful for the independent filmmaker who may need to keep their cast and crew "on the same page" through several hectic production rewrites."


"Equally helpful, and even more impressive, is the reports program, which will catalog and excerpt your script in a number of interesting ways. It will deliver breakdowns totaling the number of speeches and scenes for each character, print out 'sides' for a specific character, and provide a location breakdown useful for budgeting and scouting."

Quoted matter excerpted from New York Screenwriter Monthly (May 1996) review by Ed Wollega.

Note: We've gone through numerous revisions/upgrades since the above review (and see other reviews by clicking here), constantly updating our software as new technologies and new script formats and standards necessitate updating.


Script Wizard supports all script forms and styles
and includes templates for 12 professional script formats, including screenplays, sitcoms, soaps, radio-style scripts, stage plays, 2-column A/V and Story Board formats.

Script Wizard is seamlessly integrated
Scriptwriting Toolbars and menus appear only when Script Wizard files are opened, and disappear again when they are closed. Display options are maintained separately from those which the user sets for work in basic Word For Windows. And you can run as many other add-ons and add-ins as your computer?s working memory will allow.

Script Wizard files travel well
When a script is written in Microsoft Word, it can go anywhere, anytime, via fax, modem, or hardcopy. It can be attached to email.? Anyone with any version of Word or Word Perfect can download, read and/or print it. Any producer can import and export Script Wizard files to and from any standalone program.

Scripts can be imported and exported ...
Script Wizard can import script files written in Movie Master®, Scriptware®, DOS Word/WSA, TWCS, Word Perfect®, Script Perfection®, Super Script®, Final Draft®, Word for Macintosh, Scriptor OUT® files and more. It can export files back to those same programs.

Tools for formatting while writing...
Shortcut keys and toolbar buttons make writing and formatting scripts quick and easy. Use a single Ctrl-key combination or click once on a toolbar button to format sluglines, action, character names, dialog, parenthetic notes and transitions. All standard script notations are typed for you. The Character editor stores repeatedly-used character names for writing dialogue; select a key code, a toolbar button or a menu item to have the formatted character's name entered into your script automatically.

Tools for making page breaks
Completely automated script processing utilities prepare your scripts for printing. Script Wizard makes intelligent page breaks for scenes and transitions, and inserts (MORE) and NAME (CONT'D) when dialogue is split across pages. Page break options include Top/Bottom Continueds and global page headers. Automatic and manual processing available.

Tools for numbering scenes...
For features, TV movies and hour episodic: Automatic and Manual scene numbering options let you add (and remove) scene numbers, in either the Left, Right or Both margins, using either conventional or unique numbering schemes. Options to lock numbers, annotate "omitted" scenes and generate A-B scenes, are included. For Sitcoms, Daytime soap, and stage plays: Automated procedures for including Act and Scene numbers in page headers are available for all TV and stage script formats.

Tools for revisions and re-writes...
A single hot key creates revised page headers and makes "A" pages as needed. Mark Change symbols (revision bar) can be placed in either the left or right page margins, revised text can be set off from old with bold, italics, underlining or double-underlining -- automatically! Scene numbers are added (A/B), omitted or edited at the touch of a toolbar button.

Scene lists, cast lists, and sides
Enter a name or location (or any other script reference), and the Excerpt utility will search for and copy all paragraphs which include that text to a separate excerpt file. Page numbers can be included after each paragraph for cross-reference. Use it to review one character's dialogue or to generate casting 'sides'. bookmarks placed when you quit work today allow you to come back to the exact same place in your file tomorrow. instant scenarios or act/scene breakdowns are available simply by shifting into Outline view.

Page count is on screen on the status line at all times.

On-screen notepad files
...are automatically time stamped each time you open them. Use the Edit Find command to quickly find every note you ever wrote on that character, that scene, etc.

(Many other features of Script Wizard are described in Sam Scribner's review in Video/Tape World. Click here to see the review.)

Also includes:

• Script-wise - A short course in script writing
• Sample Study Scripts ("Dead Poets Society", "Independence Day", "A Kid in King Arthur's Court")
• Quick Start Tutorial
• Easy File menu launch of Script Starter Wizard

*"Script-wise" copyright Stefani Warren 1995, Revised 2002, 2004. All rights reserved.


Writers' Journal - June 2009
In this review, Carl Hose states that no other MS Word add-on "delivers the outstanding performance" that Script Wizard offers. (Click here for more of this review.)

Scr(i)pt, January/February 2004
Reviewer John Scott Lewinski states that, "...Script Wizard is a powerful add-on for Word For Windows...whether you're writing a screenplay, hour-long teleplay, sitcom, A/V script, radio production or interactive document, Script Wizard includes formatting features integrated into Word for Windows. For scriptwriting functions, Script Wizard includes keyboard commands specifically designed and laid out within Word for whatever kind of script you need to write...."

Moviemaker Magazine, August 2003
Reviewer Neil Turitz states, "If you already have Word on a PC and you’re comfortable using it, Script Wizard can add the formatting capability of a stand-alone program to the familiar Word environment. And that may be simpler for you than learning a whole new program."
     He also got the opinion of TV producer David J. Latt: "I find Script Wizard to be easier and more intuitive to use than other programs I’ve tried. If I’m collaborating with someone, using e-mails to send revisions back and forth, Script Wizard is seamless. Whenever I use Final Draft, for instance, I run into problems."
     Stan Harris, who works in corporate marketing in San Jose, CA and uses Script Wizard for advertisements and industrial films, told Turitz: "Once I learned the formatting keystrokes, I could fly with this program. Plus, since it was a Word type of program, it worked flawlessly in my Microsoft Office environment — and in e-mail copies of 'scripts in progress' to my clients for review."

Writers Digest, April 1997
"It will let you write your scripts in the same word processor you use for everything else, so you won't have to learn or work with two programs." (Click here for more of this review.)

New York Screenwriter Monthly, May 1996
Ed Walloga: "Script Wizard provides exactly what every screenwriter should be looking for... a script writing program that not only serves their needs today, but provides them room to grow as they join the ranks of the professional writer. No one should have to get used to a brand new stand-alone program later in their career simply because they couldn't afford it sooner, particularly since they can get the best of both worlds today at an affordable price."

"Personal Computers" (Syndicated column) July 1996
"...the most versatile script writing program on the market."

Video/Tape World -- January 1995
Sam Scribner: "...idiotproof...really understands the inherent nuances of screenplay writing. If you are working in Word for Windows and are frustrated with futzing around with screenplay formatting, Script Wizard is a powerful tool — smart, intuitive and comprehensive in the ways of the scriptwriting process. But mostly. it's very simple to run, which is what I like most." (Click here for more of this review.)

About the Creator

A pioneer in the development of script writing software, founder Stefani Warren introduced the first full-service script writing "add-on" in 1988. In 1991, her company moved into the Windows environment with the release of Script Wizard, a product which brought the state of the art in script processing software to new levels of sophistication and versatility. Script Wizard is used by independent screenwriters, playwrights, and teachers, in theatres, in production offices, and in classrooms in the U.S. and Europe; and her custom applications have been the backbone of production offices for such television shows as “Cheers”, “General Hospital”, and "Passions." Click here for more about the creator of Script Wizard.

System Requirements

For MS Word 2000 thru 2010 or later (on Windows 2000-2013, XP, Vista, and Windows 7, 8, 9, or higher, 32 bit or 64 bit).

ScriptWizard $69

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