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StoryCraft Classic Software/App ($19)

Since 1996, the many versions of StoryCraft Software/App  have been, and continue to be, the pre-eminent story-development software used by professionals as well as wannabe writers to write stories that follow the Hero’s Journey pattern utilized in the classics, great works of fiction and blockbuster screenplays.

StoryCraft Classic  is the primary version of StoryCraft. It works either online (any browser) or as a standalone software program on your computer (Windows or MAC iOS) or app on your tablet & phones.

StoryCraft Classic® Story-Creation Software/App turns you into a master story-teller, taking all the story ideas dancing in your head and transforming them into fully-developed short stories, novels, and screenplays.

Perfect for beginners and wannabe writers as well as polished professional writers, StoryCraft Software/App is a story-writing tool for writing complete, well-developed stories of fiction — including personalized stories for wellness and therapy — that includes continuous instructional guidance throughout the entire process, based on the Hero’s Journey story pattern and Jarvis Method. There is no limit to the quantity, genre, type, or length of stories you can write, from shortest story to screenplay or novel.

When you use StoryCraft, the world’s most popular story-creation software, every minute of writing becomes a fun and rewarding creative journey as StoryCraft guides you through the process of creating your story, using the Jarvis Method of story creation…

StoryCraft does all this:

You Also Get:

StoryCraft  is also Ideal for Homeschooling and Other Educational Uses

Designed for users at any level of expertise from most basic beginner to professional, StoryCraft  uses clear, easy-to-understand language to present a systematic overview of the entire fiction-writing process from start to finish. This makes it an excellent tool for writing as well as for learning the craft of writing, and it is therefore also ideal for homeschoolers and other students of writing and fiction. StoryCraft  illustrates and illuminates every stage in the process of story writing by using detailed examples from A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens’s literary classic that is one of the most beloved and entertaining works of literature ever written and the perfect illustration of writing in the Hero Journey pattern.

And it is Therapeutic too!

While professional writers use StoryCraft  to develop novels & screenplays, anyone can use it just for the pure joy of expressing yourself through your own non-judgmental creative imagination.  And whether you write for publication or just for self-expression, the software can even be used to create stories based on your life for resolving traumas and other life issues.
In fact, you can use StoryCraft for therapy too, as it gives you the freedom to delve into any traumas or challenges you have faced in your life — even making up characters and situations that may mirror your own experiences while giving you the emotional distance of “just being a story” — to see yourself as a hero on a journey.


See more about the Jarvis Method system that powers StoryCraft.

Order StoryCraft Classic for just $19. (Or get StoryCraft New Edition for just $39.)

Buy Today to start taking your creative hero journey with one of these outstanding software editions of StoryCraft:

StoryCraft Classic Edition $19 – Guides you through the process of creating your story, using the Jarvis Method of story creation.  (see Features above)

StoryCraft New Edition $39 – is a complete re-imagining of the StoryCraft program, offering to writers a number of great enhancements to the original for character and plot development based on the Hero’s Journey and the popular Jarvis Hero-Story Writing Method developed by John Jarvis.  (more)

• When you order either StoryCraft Classic Software or StoryCraft New Edition, you can also get StoryCraft Classic Online Hero Campus for just $10 extra – StoryCraft Classic Online Hero Campus is the online version of StoryCraft Classic Software, which includes not only all the StoryCraft tools for writing any kind of fiction — which guide you through the process of creating your complete story using the Jarvis Method of story creation — but also an online repository of tools and information for harnessing the Power of the Hero’s Journey for writing stories as well as for self-improvement, overcoming trauma, building business, and a host of other invaluable, life-strengthening parts of the heroic life.  (Order today)

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