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President In Charge Of Most Stuff

Hi. My name is Howard Meibach, (aka “Hollywood Howie”) and I founded this company in 1997. I recognized a crucial need for information on spec screenplay sales as I’ve been an optioned screenwriter and also held various development positions over the years.

First, I introduced the Spec Screenplay Sales Directory, an important industry research tool that continues to be in demand. My website came next. It started out as a simple way to promote the Spec Screenplay Sales Directory and now, with more than five thousand pages, is a major Internet destination for writers.

We have everything you need, from fee-based script critiquing services … to lots of FREE information, such as articles from professional writers, company contacts, producers’ wish lists, a logline submission database, and a gigantic Q&A forum where you can question experts.

Check it out and keep coming back. We’re always adding great new stuff.

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V.P. In Charge of Everything That Howard Doesn’t Want to Deal With

Hi. My name is Tom McCurrie and I run the Coverage Service at writersupercenter.com/studionotes as well as contribute articles and reviews to the site. I’ve been a guy who’s always wanted to eat, drink and sleep movies ever since I could first, well, eat, drink or sleep. So, surprise, surprise, this led me to attend the University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television and to later work in just about every job the movie biz could offer: development exec, publicist, story analyst, film critic, screenwriter and screenwriting instructor to name more than a few.

But in all my experience in the movie biz, the one thing I learned, like that dithering Dane named Hamlet, was that “the play’s the thing” - the screenplay makes or breaks the film. You can have a brilliant director, actor, cinematographer and editor, you can have a marketing campaign that rivals the GDP of several West African nations, but without a strong script it’s all simply damage control. That’s because making a movie without a strong script is like building a house without a foundation - there’s nothing to keep the whole enterprise from collapsing. Everything else in a movie depends on it for success.

Watch for details about my blog which will debut on the website shortly.