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02/06/2003 - Triggerstree.com: Coolness from Kevin Spacey

Brian A. Wilson

Triggerstreet.com: Score another victory for the Internet

In many ways, I think we're living in the best possible time for indy filmmaking.

I'm not talking about Sundance's Microsoft- and Coca Cola-driven idea of indy filmmaking, which routinely features gigantic stars in "studio lite" movies.

I'm talking about people with miniDVs, some cooperative friends and a story to tell.

If you're in the Sundance category, you don't need my advice (but if you're looking for an innovative script, by all means email me!).

If you're in the latter category, then you're living in the wild west of filmmaking. Your writing is the raw material, and beyond that, the hardware is readily available to you. Buy or borrow a camera, surround yourself with enthusiastic people, and shoot. You're free to create a film as at no other time in history.

But then what?

Until recently, distribution was the sticking point. How do you get anyone to see your film?

Triggerstreet.com is the latest answer to that problem.

Trigger Street Productions is Kevin Spacey's production company. Why is it called Trigger Street? Here's an excerpt from a San Francisco Film Festival interview with Kevin: "The name Trigger Street is in San Fernando Valley close to where I grew up where my best friend and I dreamed of building a theater on Trigger Street. So when I was going to name my company, that was the feeling I didn't want to get too far away from."

Further, Kevin is eager to give back to the film community that has given him so much. One way he does that is through his web site.

You don't just look at the triggerstreet.com site, you participate in it.

As a "community member," you have the chance to read and review short films and screenplays. After doing so a minimum number of times, you can upload your own work and get feedback.

Sure, it's a bit of potluck as to who reviews your work, but it is a way to get SOME kind of input, and gain recognition for good efforts as well.

Even ten years ago, this would have been impossible.

So, while it's easy to get bogged down in what's wrong and difficult and dorked up about the Hollywood system, we have to remember that advances are being made on many fronts, by generous people like Kevin Spacey.

One such advancement is the assistance and sense of community that technology can help us build.

Check out triggerstreet.com. Upload something. I'd like to see your work.

Excuse me now. I have to go review some films.

Keep writing.



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