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05/22/2003 - The Power of Networking

Brian A. Wilson

The Power of Networking

I saw a guy's Hollywood career start yesterday.

Not often can one say that, but I feel it's true in this case.

The LA Texas Exes hosted a Hollywood seminar for recent grads. Numerous Texas Exes active in Hollywood came and spoke to a group of 38 students.

One presentation was by a post-production supervisor who has worked on many of Paul Thomas Anderson's films, among others, and is currently on staff at DreamWorks.

After the talk, one student--just one--approached the super. They chatted, the student explained his background, the post super listened. The student asked if the super knew of any entry-level jobs that might be available at summer's end.

The post supervisor said yep, he did. He told the student to call him, and if he couldn't hook him up, his friends could.

Balloons didn't fall from the ceiling. No fireworks burst in the sky. But they could have. This student, who seems like a bright, competent guy, is now off to the races. He is in the Hollywood game, thanks to the helping hand of a talented post super.

What does this mean to you?

The lessons are numerous.

Get out and network.
People get you jobs more often and more easily than letters, phone calls or resumes.
Good people remember their roots, and give a helping hand to those coming in behind them.
Be clear on your goals and people can help you.
Hollywood can be difficult, but when success comes, accept it.
Great things come from tiny beginnings.
Invest in your self.
Put your self in a position, mentally and literally, to be Found by Hollywood.
People do succeed in this business.
The opportunity is there.
Lightning strikes.

I was pleased to see this bright student so rewarded for coming out here. I was gratified to see the generosity of the post supervisor. I found the entire interchange quite inspirational.

I hope you do as well.

Keep writing.



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