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03/26/2002 - OSCAR WRAP-UP


Dear Friends,

All right, you've seen all of the results and argued about them with your friends. Now allow me to pontificate about them for a few minutes.

By the way, arguing and talking about the Oscars - before, during, and after - is a bona fide hobby in Los Angeles.

I was pleased to see that LORD OF THE RINGS was cut down to size a bit. I saw the film in a preview screening, before the hype launched it into the stratosphere. I liked it - and thought it had some wonderful action sequences - but I didn't think it was worthy of much beyond nominations for production design, special effects, and perhaps Sir Ian.

And those of you who read last week's column can obviously guess what I'm most thrilled about - the fact that MULHOLLAND DRIVE - in my view, the worst movie ever to be nominated for an Oscar - was shut out. Watching all of the red-carpet talk about the complexity and layers of MULHOLLAND DRIVE was just about enough to turn my stomach, or at least raise my blood pressure a few notches.

By the way, how many times did you cringe because the writer wasn't properly recognized in the remarks? I found myself talking smack to more than a couple of actors and producers who took more than their share of credit. On the other end of the spectrum, allow me to say that I was simply in awe of Sidney Poitier. I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't seen many of his films. But after seeing the montage and his powerful presence, I'm setting my TiVO to get all of his movies!

Oh, and two more words: Jennifer Connelly.

I can't end any stronger than that.




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