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My friends,

I've just had the best week of my life. It was up at Burning Man, an incredible and unique community that defies accurate description, even from a veteran writer.

I want it to go on record that I actually spit fire. Twice.

I could name 100 instances of magic. Then 100 more. Then 100 more.

But rather than just list a bunch of experiences that may or may not translate into this small space, let me just say that one of the best things about Burning Man was the way that every stranger was assumed to be, and treated like, a good friend. What a concept.

This will infuse my writing. More importantly, this, and other things I experienced at Burning Man, have infused my life -- crystallizing some of the philosophies I have been thinking about for years. Burning Man provided a forum for the best kinds of free expression, showing off the full range of human experience, emotion, and inspiring its particpants to new levels of joy and kindness.

I didn't write much while I was at Burning Man. I was too busy adventuring, journeying, laughing, talking, listening, and experiencing. While I do look forward to writing about it -- and keeping its influences alive in every aspect of my life -- at the time, it was more important to just live it.

Now, if I could just stop adventuring for a few weeks, I could probably write something.




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