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Launching Your Writing Career in 2001!

So you've written that TV spec masterpiece or blockbuster screenplay. Now What? You still don't have an agent. Your uncle Ernie's lawyer-friend won't submit anymore scripts for you and your closest Hollywood connection is that guy at the newsstand you buy the trades from. Have no fear - 2001 is your year! This is the year you finally launch your movie and television writing career. How do I know this? Because this is the year I will launch my writing career! Like so many, I have a job in the business - "but I'm really a writer" waiting for that first sale. Wait no more! Start working for that first sale. I have a very specific plan for writing, pitching, submitting, networking and selling this year and I want to share it with you. So join me in 2001 and let's launch our careers. If I can go from slacker to self-motivator, just think what you can do!

This column will chronicle my weekly progress toward achieving my goal of: Launching My Writing Career in 2001. Wait! Don't close this yet! I promise not to talk about me. Although my friends and family might find that interesting (or maybe just my mother), I know the rest of you would click out of here faster than a "Storm Watch" bulletin after an L.A. sprinkle.

You see, this column is not about me, it's about US. The writer's who write and write and write. Now we are ready to sell, sell, sell. But where do we begin? Do we look for an agent? Where do we submit our TV spec? How do we sell the TV pilot we wrote? And how the hell do we make our screenplay stand out as the island paradise in a sea of scripts? The answer my friend is "blowing in the wind." No, just kidding. Actually, the answer is right here! That is, it will be over the next 52 weeks. We will find the answers to these questions and many, many more. I will find the people who know. The people who've been where we are, and now have made it; writers, producers, directors, agents, seminar organizers. We'll get their advice, trade secrets, and strategies.

So join me for 52 weeks of blood, sweat, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as we find out what works and what doesn't when we launch our writing careers in 2001!

Next week: Advice from the experts on getting organized, setting goals, and how to market your finished scripts.


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