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Paul Buscemi's Column for Monday April 9th, 2001. Buscemiarts@hotmail.com

I know this guy. A military drill sergeant. His name is Sergeant Scribble - the meanest son of a No. 2 pencil that you ever met. He lives in my left-brain and he's merciless. He's constantly yelling out orders throughout the day, "alright grunt, sit down at that keyboard and give me 50 pages! Move it, move it, move it!" There's really nothing to like about Scribble. Yet, I like what he does for me.

This column started out "as a year in the life of a writer committed to launching his writing career in 2001." More importantly, this is the story of an "everywriter." It's the story of anyone who is determined to launch his or her writing career, this year. Along the way we find out what works for career launching and what doesn't. To help us in that quest, I promised to find the best advice from industry professionals and record their wisdom here.

Well so far, we've been doing well with that. In past columns, we've talked with; Josh Berman (writer and producer on CSI), Jeff Probst (Screenwriter, Director and host of Survivor), John Ottman (Director, Editor and Composer), Laura Brennan (Television Writer), Ryan Johnson (Development Executive for Mandalay Pictures), and producers, Heidi Wall and Suzanne Lyons.

The advice has been great, but now it's time for a career check. How are our goals progressing? Have we followed all that great input? Well here's how this column has helped me. Josh Berman's advice greatly helped as I was writing my first of two TV specs for this year. As for my screenplay, Ryan Johnson, Jeff Probst and John Ottman's insight has given me an idea or two for that script (which I now will be making another pass at). You know, I've gained a lot from all who have participated in this column. My third project for 2001 is a children's television show pilot and show-guide I have written. We have yet to interview someone from that arena who can enlighten us. However I have some exciting leads on interview subjects for that - so stay tuned.

So how about you? How is your career going? What have you found useful here? What questions do you still need answered? Are you on track toward your goals? Have you had a breakthrough? Here's a homework assignment. I want you to e-mail me at Buscemiarts@hotmail.com with your story. Answer one or two of the above questions. I will incorporate the best stories in future columns. I will also find the answers to your writing questions. Your goal setting strategies might also be useful to the readers here - so let's hear them!

We are two months away from the halfway mark in the year. After that, only 6 months left to launch our careers. Let's move it! Sorry, Sergeant Scribble is surfacing again. I'd better get ready to give him 50 (pages, that is).

WEEK 13 STEPS: E-Mail Paul Buscemi with your writing questions and accomplishments. The year will be half over sooner than you think. Where do you want to be in month six? Plan the last six months of the year now.



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