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Paul Buscemi's Column for Monday, April 30th, 2001. Buscemiarts@hotmail.com

Those voices from the carpal tunnels are back. You can hear them and their hymns of encouragement. As month four concludes and the first third of the year is complete, I wanted to update you on what's worked and what has not in the launch of a writing career.

Remember those goals I broke down into monthly and weekly steps (January 22nd's column)? Well here's how they've progressed. For the most part my Flash Forward experience (www.flashforwardinstitute.com) has worked exactly how it was designed to. I set four main goals (or results) for myself in 2001. If I achieve just one of these goals within the year, I will have succeeded in my "One Year Campaign" of "Launching My Writing Career In 2001."

Here's what's working:

1. Milestones.

Taking my four main goals and breaking them down into monthly tasks or "milestones" has been imperative for me. That year-at-a-glance chart I organized in the Flash Forward weekend seminar I attended has been like an angel at times - allowing me to stay focused and productive. At other times it's like the Grim Reaper, commanding me: "Pay attention to this chart or die!" In either case, the eventual outcome has been good for me.

In all honesty, some of my monthly milestones have been accomplished in months other than those listed on my year-at-a-glance chart. For example, I finished a rewrite of my screenplay long before I had to, according to the monthly goals I set. I thought this would allow me to stay months ahead of schedule. HA! I do have a S.I.T.C.O.M. (Single Income, Two Children, significant Other (my wife) and a Mortgage) that I am devoted to, as well. Finding balance between family and career has been the greatest challenge in all this. Fortunately for me, I have a beautiful and supportive wife on my side and two fantastic sons.

So the Milestones are indeed working. Looking back over the past four months, I can see the progress made toward selling my completed work, finishing new script projects, securing definitive representation and developing more industry relationships.

Creating new relationships and building on existing ones has also been a key ingredient in the success of the past four months. Adaptability too, has been helpful as new opportunities and challenges have presented themselves this year. More on that, next week.

To Be Continued....
And in two weeks, answers to YOUR e-mail questions.



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