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"They say it's all about whom you know. Here's how to know them." Part 5.1.

Paul Buscemi's Column for Monday July 23, 2001. Buscemiarts@hotmail.com

Well this really, really is the last part to the industry relationship building series we have been focusing on for these past six weeks. We really are just tying up loose ends here with two more examples of relationship "building blocks." Last week I finally shared my Karma-Method. Now we are on to: Power Advice and Free-bees.


Weather you are working toward that first sale or a produced writer, I'm sure you will always be in the position of working a new ?challenge.' To that end, Power Advice cannot only help us solve problems but it helps us network further and informs others about our current endeavors. It works simply. When you are facing a new writing challenge, weather it be the writing itself or the business of writing, you seek the advice, council even coaching of others in your field. The results can be startling. First of all, people inherently find satisfaction from helping others as well knowing their opinions have great value.

Here's an example. Sometime back I had a meeting with an agent and I wanted to be very prepared for it. I initiated a flurry of e-mails and phone calls to other writers and producers I knew in town. Some of them I had, had only minimal contact with previously. I sent out a very gracious and courteous request for guidance in this matter. The response was overwhelming. Everyone had different and thoughtful suggestions and advice. And of course it also let others know what I was working on.


If someone helps you out - then help out someone too. (Karma again) Giving your time and effort to help someone else achieve their goals in the industry will be personally rewarding. It will also allow you to network more and meet others in the business that share your sense of "one for all - all for one" mentality.

Today, I helped a friend of mine shoot a scene for his reel. I had worked 6 days straight and on my one day off, I chose to work some more because I knew I could really lend a hand in getting his scene shot well. Okay, I don't do that every weekend or even every month, but that free-bee will come back to me, I know. And of course I met four other people who also gave of their time as well.

I suppose the Karma-Method, Power-Advice and Free-Bees are all interrelated under the philosophy that when you help others achieve their goals in this business - you're also helping yourself in more ways than just professionally.

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