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"Remembering To Breathe - Career Check at 7 Months and counting!"

Paul Buscemi's Column For Monday, August 6th, 2001 (Gad! It's August already!). Buscemiarts@hotmail.com

This column originated as a profile of one writer's journey to launch his career over the course of 2001 and a chronicle of what worked and what failed during that journey. A chronicle ANY writer could benefit from in their journey and career launch. The column has remained that and more. Interviews with Hollywood professionals and profiles of career building events/classes have added to the column's overall goal.

When I turned my calendar over to the August page I had to take a moment to remember to breathe. "My God," I thought to myself! "Only five months left in 2001!" In these times of utter panic, when half a year, seems like only hours of time, I find it constructive to look at my goals and see where I'm at.

My overall goal to launch my writing career in 2001 includes the following four sub goals. (Whoever thought goal setting could be so complicated?)
1. Sell My Kid's show pilot (for pre-schoolers).
2. Sell my current screenplay or get a writing assignment.
3. Get an agent.
4. Complete at least two more scripts.

Okay number four has no bearing on a career launch it's just something I'm doing regardless. However, by achieving either 1,2, or 3 - I will essentially complete my goal
of launching my writing career. Yet for me, personally, I want a sale or assignment before midnight on December 31st 2001. As you know, that can be as difficult as saying: "I'm set on winning the lottery by the end of the year or sooner."

Well not quite, I suppose. The lottery doesn't take meetings, read your work or sponsor networking events. Time will tell....and I only have 5 months of it!

Wait....remembering to breath again!
Okay, better.
Here's where I'm at:

Already, I have finished one of my two scripts for 2001 (a TV spec) and have started a new screenplay. My children's show lies in wait for the moment. I am concentrating on screenwriting now. Once I establish myself there - I feel I will be in a better position to sell and produce my series idea.

I have met with several agents. One in particular, was impressed enough with a certain screenplay to send it out to several production companies. I am greatly encouraged by this because the agency certainly has an impressive reputation and the caliber of companies; my work has been sent to, are also highly regarded within the industry. I have been able to watch my submissions move up the ladder within a production company and a studio as well - and that alone, is quite rewarding.

Yet, no sale...so far. No assignment either. However. If I look at where I am now - and where I was six months ago - then I am quite excited to see where my journey takes me over the next five months. And what do you know; I didn't even have to remind myself to breath.

c.2001 pdb


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