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"Cruise Control at 70 MPH."

Paul Buscemi's Column for Monday October 22nd, 2001. Buscemiarts@hotmail.com

The impetus of this column was to follow a screenwriter (an everyman-screenwriter, if you will) as he launches his writing career in 2001. The column has remained that and much more, thanks to the contributions, interviews and advice from industry professionals we've met with here. I am amazed by how much has changed since this column began ten months ago. Changed within the column, changed for me professionally and changed with the world. I have made great strides with the launch of my writing career. This candle is lit and ignition sequence is commencing. (More on that later.) I feel like I'm in my car with the cruise control set at 70 mph (okay maybe, 75). The car is almost driving itself now.

One of the points of the column is to talk about what is working for me (in the career launch), and what is not. For the first half of the year, I was pursuing a screenwriting and television writing career. That was a mistake. People told me to focus on one or the other, but I didn't listen. Three months ago, I listened. I focused solely on the screenwriting. Sure, I still love to write episodic TV and plan to do so again one day, but for now, my world is solely about screenwriting. And in the past three months, while focusing on that only, I have made rapid strides with my career launching. I am also easier for the industry to "understand" and even categorize - which really is important. You want people you meet to know this guy is a screenwriter, period. Not something, something and a screenwriter too.

Once a writer has become successful in television or movies, then it's much easier to step into the other arena. As burgeoning writers, we want a clear picture of who we are for those we meet.

Next Week: The Top Ten places for launching your writing career. I have my list, but what's yours? Let me know for next week.


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