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"The Top Ten." Part Two

Paul Buscemi's Column for Monday november 5th, 2001. Buscemiarts@hotmail.com

Last week I started my "Top Ten" list of most useful places, people and organizations I've encountered this past year. These are must-visits for any writer determined to launch their writing career in 2001. Here then is the remainder of my "Top Ten."

5. Networking events

Step away from the computer.
Go out of your house.

Networking events and opportunities abound. The Hollywood reporter offers a great calendar of events every week. Meeting new people is essential for a successful career. With new friends come new opportunities. Some of my greatest achievements this year were born out of idle chit-chat with fellow industry people I met at various events.

6. My Day Job.

In the past, the subject of my writing career rarely crossed paths with my day-job world. I kept the two worlds separate. What was I thinking!?! This past year, I focused on melding the two worlds together. I subsequently met many people who were pursuing careers beyond their day jobs, as well. This led to more opportunities, more script submissions, more contacts and more meetings.

7, 8, & 9. Internet Sites

The Internet has added so much to writer's office. I'm sure you have many, of the thousands of writer's websites, already booked. Three of my favorites are www. Wordplayer.com and The Internet Public Library (www.IPL.org) and, of course www.hollywoodlitsales.com. Wordplayer offers articles by some of Hollywood's screenwriting heavyweights. They are extremely insightful and advanced reading. Unquestionably, techniques I've picked up from their articles have taken my writing to a higher level. The Internet Public library has been an extremely useful research tool.

10. The Agent's Office.

This year, I have had fantastic experiences with two different agents at two well-known agencies. From both agents and agencies, I have learned much about the "business" of writing and selling. I've often been told, you don't necessarily need an agent to make your first sale. This is true and certainly the writer himself has to be a great salesman if he is to succeed. However, when you have someone else out there championing you and your work - a lot more doors open up and welcome you inside. What happens after that is up to the writer but it sure helps to arrive well recommended.


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