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"And None Of Them Read The Column."

Paul Buscemi's Column for Monday november 12, 2001. Buscemiarts@hotmail.com

I'm bored. Really bored. Oh, I'm writing and the writing is fine but lately, the weeks and even the months have all melted together into the indefinable sludge known as boredom. With boredom comes decay. Perhaps if I look back over the past week or so, I might discover where this boredom stems from.

Saturday november 3rd - Meet and Interview Mariah Carey for her "Home for the Holidays Special."
Sunday november 4th - Attend the 53rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.
Tuesday november 6th - Interview Tom Hanks at the Band Of Brothers documentary premiere.
Thursday november 8th - Meet and Interview Tom Cruise.
Saturday november 10th - Attend the Hollywood premiere of "Prancer Returns" and then record Enya's performance of her music for the upcoming "Lord Of The Rings" feature.

You see. This is really a typical week for me. Boring. Did I sell a script? No. Did I have a pitch? No. Did I have a meeting? No. Boring week! It's not that those people are boring - far from it. You see, for all those events of the past week or so, I was a member of "the crew." Tom, Tom, Mariah, and Enya would be hard pressed to remember me, for the nature of those events allowed for zero schmoozing.

When I tell my friends and family, who I met or worked with from week to week, they think my day job is glamorous. It is anything but that. Oh sure, the big stars are nice enough. And it is interesting when you meet a truly acclaimed actor, writer, director or producer. But if you want to talk about exciting, I mean really exciting - then let's talk about a good screenplay pitch or a great meet-and-greet meeting, or a lunch meeting with a director or producer after they've read your latest screenplay. Now that's exciting! That's glamorous! And I haven't had any of that lately, which of course leads to...boredom.


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