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"The Bell Tolls." Part Three

Paul Buscemi's Column for Monday December 31, 2001. Buscemiarts@hotmail.com

Well here's the year in a thumbnail. In all it's glory and all it's poignancy. This is the year as one writer; one "everywriter" attempted to launch his career. Here's what was done:

- Completed four scripts and two treatments.
- Two of them, new scripts, one TV Spec and one Screenplay.
- Re-wrote another screenplay twice.
- Re-wrote my children's television show pilot script and bible.
- Obtained extensive feedback on these projects from writers, producers and directors.
- Wrote 52 weekly columns for hollywoodlitsales.com.
- Submitted my work to writing competitions and made semi-finalist in one.
- Watched one project move up the ladder at a production company and go all the way to studio submission (and then get "passed" on).
- Submitted and pitched my work to producers, production companies and agencies.
- Attended four different entertainment industry seminars/classes.
- Wrote or re-wrote 759 pages.
- Made 89 inquiries to producers or production companies.
- Made 17 script submissions to producers or companies.
- Had 10 meetings or pitches
- Developed 15 new relationships with producers and/or companies
- Performed 191 networking actions (calls, e-mails, lunches)

It really looks impressive on paper especially when I take into account that all this was done while working full time in the industry at a production job. However, key areas are too low in productivity. Also, the list is important and unimportant at the same time. Yes...irony. Oh, but what depths to which the irony would ultimately reach.

More on that next week, in my final column for hollywoodlitsales.com. I'll also look at the four main goals I had for 2001 and reveal which were achieved and which were not. Stay tuned....



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