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07/14/2003 - DVD Creation Part 2

So now had my DVD burner and I was ready to roll. Now I just needed to digitize the footage onto my new external hard drive. I'm assuming here that all of your films have already been edited. Most of us have our work on MiniDV, so you need to hook up your camera to a Firewire port on your computer, then capture the films using Adobe Premiere or an alternative editing program. Once you have your films on the hard drive, you're ready to get a DVD authoring software. What I use is Ulead's DVD Workshop, which is extremely easy to learn. But it's rather costly. What I like to do with software is download the program in question using a file sharing program like Kazaa, then try out the software for a month. If I like it, I go out and buy it no matter how much it costs.


After you capture your films, you're ready to start up DVD Workshop. First you want to create your main menu, and then work your way from there. If you don't want a menu at all, that's fine. The DVD can start directly with the film, or whatever you put on it.

Once you complete your DVD project in Workshop, it's time to burn. Here is a good tip I wish I would have learned when I first bought my burner: go to www.meritline.com to buy your blank DVD-R's and cases. It is by far the best place to buy inexpensive and good quality media. Look for the special deals that come with cases as well.

Once you have your blanks, you're ready to burn! One more tip that's good to know. If you have burned a DVD with Workshop or any other program, and somehow you lost the project file, don't worry. There is a real easy way to re-burn your DVD, or burn a whole bunch on DVD's... As long as you have one. Here is how you do it:

1. Put the DVD you want to copy (burn) in your drive.
2. Click on "my computer"
3. Right click on the drive with the DVD, and hit "copy"
4. Pick a folder where you want to put the DVD that you just copied, and hit "edit" and then "paste"
5. Start up DVD Workshop
6. Click "finish"
7. Click "burn from disk image"
8. Click "burn from DVD video folder"
9. Hit the little button on the right side of "DVD video path"
10. Find your folder where you pasted the DVD and double click it.
11. Click on "video_TS" and then "ok"
12. Make sure your blank DVD is in the drive and just click "start"

Doing it this way is a lot faster because your program doesn't need to convert your files from AVI's to MPEG-2. So it saves you a whole lot of time in the long run, especially if you are making large quantities of DVD's.

I hope this little guide is helpful and if you have any questions don't hesitate to e-mail me at: StoryMaster@sbcglobal.net

Until next week...


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