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08/31/2003 - Find Solutions

All of my life, I have done everything I can to reach the next pinnacle. Nothing has ever stood in my way for an extended period of time. Why? Because I've always found solutions to whatever problem was facing me.

The first step into finding solutions is to always have the mindset that you will succeed in your efforts, no matter what. You must ALWAYS BELIEVE that you will prevail. Never, ever let doubt creep into your mind. The minute you think it is POSSIBLE for you to fail is the same minute it ACTUALLY BECOMES POSSIBLE for you to fail. Right now, some of you are probably thinking this is all just a bunch of doggy poo. Believe me when I tell you, this is not doggy poo. It is reality.

The mind is the most powerful tool at your disposal.

People have accomplished tremendous feats simply because they set their mind to it. They went in believing, without a single shred of doubt that they were going to accomplish exactly what their mind was set on accomplishing. Records have been broken, and will continue to be broken, because of the extraordinary power of the mind, and the human spirit which accompanies it.

The second step in finding solutions is to always have an open mind. Never restrict your possibilities. Start off your task by assuming ANYTHING is possible. Never say "Can't," or "Won't," or most importantly "Impossible." When you assume anything is possible, a very interesting thing happens.

New solutions present themselves out of nowhere; solutions you never even thought existed.

The universe indeed functions in a very mysterious way. In our current evolutionary state, humans don't have the capacity to fully understand the cosmic laws of the universe. However, it has been my experience, along with hundreds of millions of others, that when we open ourselves up to new and limitless possibilities, we no longer find ourselves lacking solutions.

The most important thing to remember here is that when you go into a situation, whatever that situation may be, don't go in believing there's only one possible solution. Go in believing there are ENDLESS solutions. One thing that starts to happen when we do this is that we don't get stuck on the failure of one particular solution. How many times have you failed at a certain task, then spent days, if not weeks beating yourself up about it? I'll give you a perfect example. Last year, one of my scripts made it to the quarterfinals of The Nicholl Fellowships. I told myself that if I made it into the semi-finals, then I would for sure be able to get an agent. When I got the bad news, for the next two weeks all I did was feel sorry for myself for failing to make the semis.

For two weeks, I did nothing. I didn't write. I didn't edit. I didn't even THINK about screenplays or screenwriting. In my mind, The Nicholl's was the only solution to breaking into the industry as a screenwriter.

Then it finally dawned on me that I already was in the industry as a screenwriter. I didn't need to have an agent, or to even get paid for my scripts to be a screenwriter. All I needed to do to be a screenwriter was to write scripts. The more scripts I wrote, the better I would become at writing screenplays! Eventually, I would get so good that agents and producers would be coming to me! It was (and is) that simple! That was the solution!

The simple feat of letting go of failure was all I needed to do to succeed!

Part two to follow in two weeks...

Until then...

Don't forget to enter the 3rd Annual Winner Take All Screenwriting Competition. Each of our first two winners attained representation within a month of our announcement that they had won!

You could be next!

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