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Author: Derek Rydall
Book Review by Matthew Terry
Published by: Michael Wiese Productions
ISBN: 1932907246

Every season I watch "American Idol." I don't much care for when they get to the final 12, I enjoy watching the auditions and "Hollywood Week." What amazes me about "Hollywood Week" is that all these people are given an AMAZING opportunity. A trip to L.A. and a week to make their dream come true but a certain percentage just flat out blow it. They party too much. They don't put in the effort. They screw over their friends by not preparing and spend all their time being negative. It blows me away. Every season I see these people handed this opportunity who don't do anything with it.
Everything I have ever done with my screenwriting. From helping people with their scripts, to writing this review, to watching movies is preparing me for the time when Hollywood calls (and they will) so that I will be ready.
This book deals with that being ready. This book deals with that opportunity. This book strips away all the negativity about Hollywood (which includes the Entertainment/Show Business world on a whole) and its way of tearing you down to show you what it really is: A business.
Using meditation, visioning, and other tools Mr. Rydell teaches you how to focus on what it is you want and how to get it. Most importantly he breaks down the 7 myths surrounding the world that is Show Business and explains why they are myths and what the truths REALLY are.
He then asks you to go deeper into your psyche: Why this path? Why this journey? And, then, after helping you answer those questions, he puts you on a path to overcome your fears, to be the person you want to be and follow the vision you have. Creating patterns of success, building relationships and accomplishing not only the goal of YOUR success but, more importantly, adding to the success of the WHOLE world in the process by creating something that can change the world around you.
If I have only one problem with this book, it is a problem I have with a lot of these types of books. And that is a core question: "When do I start writing?" Now, maybe I'm putting the cart before the horse, but so many writers out there are inspired to write and WANT to write and NEED to write and an excellent book like this plops in their lap and it talks of meditations, and has exercises, and goal setting, and vision statements and flow charts and so on and so forth but at what point does the reader put his butt in the chair and actually start to write?
For an industry where it seems like you need to sell your soul to break in, Derek Rydall, in this wonderful book, shows you how to get your soul back. Or, more importantly, keep your soul in the first place.


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