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In these articles (linked) below, you'll receive golden nuggets from Hollywood Howie, the guy who's been running this operation since 1997. With more than 20 years in the biz, he will give you tips never published anywhere else and never even whsipered about. This is the real deal.

If you use any tip and sell a script, send any donations care of this site. If you use any tips and get sent to Alcatraz, no that's closed, okay, get sent to San Quentin, we'll send you a donation for being a good guinea pig. Actually, HH will give you only the tips he thinks are the most ethical. He's already used the others and bad things happened that you don't want to know about. Those tips will eventually hit the silver screen in the movie that Howie wrote called "When Bad Things Happen To Good Writers" that will appear sometime this century.

Good luck and good night. Hey, that's catchy!


P.S. If you have a Guerilla marketing tip that helped you sell or option a script, (or even got read) let us know what it is. If we use it, HH and the sales team will thank you profusely and name the company Hamster after you..

1 Naming Characters
2 Avoid Screenplay Chitchat
3 On Writing Biopics
4 A Thing About Script Length
5 Hollywood Doesn't Need Great Writers
6 Write For The Stars
7 On Marketing
8 Play The "What Do You Know About Your Hero?" Game
9 Get Help with Your Story
10 Finding a Rep and Other Things


Get your script read and evaluated by the same folks who read for the agencies and studios. Discover what's right and wrong with your script and how to improve it.

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