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Ask A Hollywood Pro

Ask A Film Or TV Industry Professional Questions About Writing And Selling To Hollywood

Welcome to our brand new Ask A Hollywood Pro forum. (To see the old version of our forum, which ran for several years, see our Archives.) It's the only site on the net where you can come to one place and ask many industry pros questions about writing and selling to Hollywood. This forum will also assist you in your research. We will be adding more experts in the future.

The directions are simple. click here to submit a question. Please keep the question as brief as possible and read the rules and disclaimer carefully. Good luck.

If you are a working Hollywood professional, or have expertise in a field (science, law enforcement, history, medicine etc. ) and would like to answer questions, please contact us and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Experts and Topics


Robert Stitzel
More about Robert
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He will field questions on the discipline of writing -- what does it take to emotionally and physically write? This is the other half of the writing battle many writers never address.

Grady Hall
More about Grady
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Grady will answer questions on writing and directing, as well as questions on development executives, studio readers, and getting started in any aspect of the business.

Jack Sekowski
More about Jack
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Jack is willing to answer questions from writers WHO HAVE WRITTEN A SCREENPLAY and OBTAINED REPRESENTATION and need some insight on how to maneuver in the Hollywood realm.

Graham Flashner
More about Graham
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Graham will answer questions relating to screenplay and story development, all phases of the movie-of-the-week world, from finding stories, to closing rights deals, to handling network execs, producers, and agents.


Stan Brooks
More about Stan
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Phillip Goldfarb
More about Phillip
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He will field questions on producing features and television shows as they pertain to writers.

Lee and Jena Levinson
More about Lee and Jena
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Read previous questions and answers about producing for television.

Bill Robinson
More about Bill

Read Bill's previous questions and answers.


David Schmoeller
More about David

Read David's previous questions and answers.


Christine Valada
More about Christine
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Frederick Levy
More about Frederick

Read previous questions and answers about motion picture development.

Shannon Burwell
More About Shannon

Read previous questions and answers about motion picture development.

Chrissy Blumenthal
More About Chrissy

Chrissy B. is on maternity leave and will not be taking questions until further notice.

Barry Nolan
More about Barry

Read Barry's previous questions and answers.


K Callan
More about K

Read previous questions and answers regarding the process of finding and dealing with agents.

Wendi Niad
More About Wendi
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Jeff Ross
More About Jeff
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Jeff is a manager and will field questions on management.


Thom Taylor
More about Thom
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Serita Stevens
More about Serita
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Forensic Nurse Serita will field questions on poisons, forensic investigations -sexual assault, rape, as well as medical terminology questions.

Bob Boucher
More about Bob
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Bob will field questions on explosives, firearms and ammunition.

Derek Pritts
More about Derek
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Deputy Derek Pritts will answer questions on fish, wildlife and boating enforcement (including drug interdiction).

Ted Gasowski
More about Ted
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Ted will field questions on Emergency Medicine.

Kevin Sielky
More about Kevin
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Kevin is a clinical psychotherapist/research psychologist.  He will answer questions on mental disorders and treatment methods as they relate to screenplay development.

John M. Lovett
More about John
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John M. Lovett will answer questions on the military.

Kenneth Dunn
More about Kenneth
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Kenneth is a California-licensed Private Investigator.  He'll answer questions about the real work & methods of PI's, their DO's & Don'ts, how they differ from law enforcement, and their role in the legal system.


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