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Main Demo of StyleWriter

Demos of Special Features of

Main Demo of StyleWriter:

Editing your documents with StyleWriter.
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Demos of StyleWriter Features:

Editing Sentences
Thorough analysis of sentences.
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StyleWriter Audience and Task Adjustments
Adjusts its advice and readability for different audiences and tasks.
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Customizing StyleWriter
Adding your own style and proofreading issues.
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StyleWriter's JargonBusterTM
Identifies and removes needless jargon.
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StyleWriter's Smart-SpellTM
Finds 1000s of errors missed by spellcheckers.
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StyleWriter's Graphs
See your writing style at a glance.
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StyleWriter's Statistics
Readability and style indexes accurately assess your writing.
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The Speed of StyleWriter
Lightening-fast analysis, evaluation, and recommendations for improving your writing.
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