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Who needs Plain English?

How is Government using StyleWriter and Plain English?

When you buy StyleWriter Software, you also get at NO additional cost all these software programs, all on one convenient CD:

Writer's Organizer


Technical Writer

Letter Writer

Resume Writer

Business Plan Writer

Writer's Dictionary Thesaurus

Typing Tutor

Writer's Calculator

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Resume Writer Resume Writing Guide Software  

Resume Writer is not a lot of templates. It is concrete, detailed directions you'll use every time you need to write, or revise, your resume.

Your resume is your passport in your search for a new or a better career. A high-quality, professionally presented, and well written resume will open doors, put you ahead of the opposition and win you that all-important interview.

Resume Writer is a masterful guide that covers, in extraordinary detail, all the skills required to write effective resumes, including for instance all the following:

How to make your resume a quality document.

How to write a skills-based resume.

How to write your resume to meet your prospective employer's needs.

How to think through the qualities the best candidates have for such a job.

How to think of the image your resume presents.

How to write a short, relevant and specific resume.

How to write your resume as short as necessary.

How to decide on the key messages you want the emplyer to remember.

How to place the key message to catch the reader's eye.

How to write a hard-selling summary or profile.

How to make the key messages specific.

How to highlight your most relevant experience.

How to write your resume sections in order of relevance.

How to write about your results.

How to write a clear and easy-to-read resume.

How to write a confident resume.

How to exclude nonessential information in your resume.

How to write an honest resume.

How to write your resume in plain language.

How to proofread your resume.

How to write a strong cover letter for your resume.

Get the guide to resume writing as well as the Technical Writer, Writer's Organizer, and other useful software absolutely free with the purchase of StyleWriter Grammar/Style Editing Software.
Get RESUME WRITER and 8 other invaluable writer's software programs ABSOLUTELY FREE when you purchase StyleWriter Style/Grammar Editing Software, the world's largest computerized style and usage checker.

All these software programs come with StyleWriter Software absolutely free:
Writer's Organizer
Technical Writer
Letter Writer
Resume Writer
Business Plan Writer
Writer's Dictionary Thesaurus
Typing Tutor
Writer's Calculator

NOTE: These programs are not sold separately.

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