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Who needs Plain English?

How is Government using StyleWriter and Plain English?

When you buy StyleWriter Software, you also get at NO additional cost all these software programs, all on one convenient CD:

Writer's Organizer


Technical Writer

Letter Writer

Resume Writer

Business Plan Writer

Writer's Dictionary Thesaurus

Typing Tutor

Writer's Calculator

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Before-and-After StyleWriter Samples:
Marketing, Advertising, and Copy Writing

To write a good advertisement, you must focus on the key benefits to the reader and use clear style and attractive layout. Use a heading and introduction that attract your reader's attention. Keep your style readable by using short sentences and active verbs and avoiding jargon.

You must make sure your advertisement is full of specific benefits that are relevant to the reader's needs by

  1. Deciding your aim (sales, product awareness, corporate image).
  2. Focusing on the audience.
  3. Listing the key selling points for that audience.
  4. Deciding the best advertising medium.
  5. Using an effective title.
  6. Using plain English.
  7. Finding key selling words.
  8. Telling the reader what to do.

Before Editing with StyleWriter

Click on the image below to see the original job advertisement.

click to see the original job advertisement

When writing job advertisement – or any other advertisement – you are paying for every word used. Use StyleWriter to help you write concisely and clearly to attract the best candidates. Here StyleWriter offers you advice to tighten the writing style to make the advertisement more effective.

After Editing with StyleWriter

Click on the image below to see the edited job advertisement.

Click to see the edited job advertisement

The redraft suggested by StyleWriter is 40 percent shorter without any style faults. If you edit until you get three 'excellent' scores when using StyleWriter, you will see your writing skills improve.

To guarantee all your advertising copy and marketing material is in clear, concise and easy-to-read English, use StyleWriter.

Samples of documents
before and after
using StyleWriter:

(click to view)

Advertising copy
Business e-mail
Business letter
Business plan
Instruction manual
Legal letter
Management report
Policy & procedure
Press release
Research Paper
Technical report
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