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Advanced Story Developer

Article Writer
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Book Writer
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Book Proposal Writer
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Business Plan Writer

Comedy Genre Screenwriting Course


Crime Genre Screenwriting Course

Dissertation Writer
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Essay Formatter
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File Manager
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Hollywood Screenplay

Horror/Fantasy/SciFi Screenwriting Course

Ink Link

Letter Writer

Love Story Genre Screenwriting Course

Mass Mailer
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Myth Genre Screenwriting Course

Novel Formatter
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Power Structure

Project Manager
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Query Letter Writer
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Resume Writer

Short Story Writer
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Story Developer


Submission Tracker
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TV Drama Course

TV Sitcom Course

Technical Writer

Term Paper Writer
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Thesis Writer
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Truby's Blockbuster

Typing Tutor

The Wizard of Words

Write That Down!

Writers Blocks

Writer's Organizer

Writer's Calculator

Writer's Companion

Writer's Dictionary/Thesaurus

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 Other STORY DEVELOPMENT Software:  Advanced (Power Structure or Blockbuster
See also FORMATTING Software

Introducing StoryWeaver 3.0
Your First Steps to a Complete Story

ONLY $29
 Or purchase it as part of a Story Developer kit...and save big!

Seven years in the making, the StoryWeaver System™ is a revolutionary new passionate approach to story development from Melanie Anne Phillips, author of The Story Mind.

No tricks, no gimmicks - Simply follow StoryWeaver's carefully crafted path of 200 insightful Story Cards™ and you'll start from initial inspiration and end up with a completely detailed sequential Treatment of your novel or screenplay.

Every step of the way you'll know exactly what to do, and what to do next.  And, you won't have to set aside your muse while you work with your story's structure.  Rather, you will discover and refine the structure already hidden in your subject matter.

Key Features

  • Over 200 Story Cards guide you through the entire story development process. Each question will open new creative avenues you've probably never considered before!

  • StoryWeaver Automatically references your work on previous questions so you can build on what you've already created, every step of the way!

  • Create chapters or scenes right in the software that lay out how your story will unfold event by event.

  • Video Clips clarify every step in the story development process. Get insightful perspectives on storytelling from the creator of StoryWeaver!

  • Web Links bring extra depth to your story. Discover new perspectives in storytelling!

  • Export your work to your word processor at any point in the process for further development.

  • Take creative notes from anywhere in the program and organize your existing story materials by adding your own folders, cards, and questions as you customize StoryWeaver to your personal writing style.

  • Work on as many stories as you like simultaneously.  Each story can be saved in its own file and takes up only 50 Kilobytes on your hard drive!

  • Click and drag to rearrange your timeline.  In fact, you can re-arrange any of your story materials with standard drag and drop.

  • Hundreds of tips, tricks, & techniques!  Each Story Card has several eye-opening approaches to story development and storytelling, based on Ms. Phillips 10 years as a professional writing instructor.

More About StoryWeaver...

Writer's Block?  Not with StoryWeaver!  You'll learn tricks and techniques to side-step writer's block and get the creative ideas flowing again!

Rather than dealing with structure directly, in Story Weaver, the structure is hidden in the background, behind questions that speak more to the muse than the mind.

As you answer each question, you build upon the work you have already done, adding layers, nuance, and richness to your ideas.

And all the way, Story Weaver is supplying the structure you need without ever forcing you to step out of your creative frame of mind to address it directly.

By the time you have completed the entire step-by-step path, you will have journeyed from initial inspiration to completed, sequential treatment, ready to write as a novel, screenplay, or stage play.

Although StoryWeaver is a completely unique approach to story development, its results are compatible and complementary to all our other story development tools, including Power Structure, Writer's Software Companion, and Truby's Blockbuster.

So don't spend hours staring at blank page or computer screen.  Don't waste time trying to grasp obscure theory concepts when you'd rather be writing.  Let StoryWeaver inspire and guide you every step of the way to a complete, passionate, and well-told story!

 Main  Requirements  Screenshots/Features 
 Other STORY DEVELOPMENT Software:  Advanced (Power Structure or Blockbuster
See also FORMATTING Software

Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP or higher.

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...story development software (fiction writing software)...
For writing fiction, including novels and screenplays, this is software for developing your story ideas, plotting and structuring the story, and writing the actual story
See SCREENWRITING category for screenplay formatting.
  • QuickStory
  • Power Structure
  • StoryBase
  • Writer's Software Companion
  • Truby's Blockbuster
  • Genre Screenwriting Courses

  • If seeking story troubleshooting software...
    Software for writers for diagnosing and resolving story problems
  • Writer's Software Companion

  • If seeking plotting software...
    Software for writers for selecting the precise plot for your particular story
  • StoryBase (Plots Unlimited on Steroids)

  • If seeking screenwriting, television writing, or theatrical writing software...
    For putting the screenplay, teleplay, or play in proper format (screenplay formatting, dialogue margins, etc.)
    See STORY BOARDING for visual presentations.
  • Hollywood Screenplay

  • If seeking novel formatting software...
    Software for putting the novel or short story in proper format.
  • The Wizard of Words

  • If seeking style/grammar editing software
    Software for journalists, editors, technical writers, businessmen, and writers in general for editing, including especially for correct usage, style, grammar, plain English, and clear communication.
  • StyleWriter

  • If seeking book/article writing software
    Software for organizing research and arranging ideas and chapters for books and articles as well as for creative writing.
  • Writer's Blocks

  • If seeking book/article formatting software
    Software for formatting chapters, title page, table of contents, index, page numbering, paragraphs, headings, etc.
  • The Wizard of Words

  • If seeking manuscript management software
    Writers software for tracking submissions and sales of your manuscripts, articles, and screenplays. Excellent for authors and freelance writers.
  • Write That Down!

  • If seeking writers instructional software
    Software for learning how to write a book, how to write a novel, or how to write a screenplay.
  • Power Structure
  • Writer's Software Companion
  • Truby's Blockbuster
  • Genre Screenwriting Courses

  • If seeking dissertation/thesis/term paper software
    Software for writing dissertation, thesis, or term paper, including proper formatting according to CMS, APA, and MLA.
  • The Wizard of Words

  • If seeking book proposal writing software
    Software for writing book proposals.
  • The Wizard of Words

  • If seeking article query-letter writing software
    Software for writing query letters to editors and mass mailing them.
  • The Wizard of Words

  • If seeking technical writing software
    Writers software for technical writing, and learning to write technical reports, manuals, etc.
  • Technical Writer

    If seeking essay writing software
    Writers software for learning to write or format essays.
  • Essayist
  • The Wizard of Words

    If seeking letter writing software
    Writers software for learning to write letters, including cover letters.
  • Letter Writer

    If seeking resume writing software
    Writers software for writing resumes -- not just templates.
  • Resume Writer

    If seeking business plans software
    Writers software for writing business plans.
  • Business Plan Writer

    If seeking typing skills software
    Writers software for learning to type by touch-typing.
  • Typing Tutor

    If seeking computerized calculator for technical writing, etc.
    Writers software for computations and conversions needed for technical writing, statistical analysis, etc.
  • Writer's Calculator

    If seeking story board software
    Writers software for organizing stories or business presentations according to a sequence of drawings and photos illustrating each scene
  • Board Master

    If seeking character naming software
    Writers software for finding the appropriate names for your fictional stories naming characters (also useful for selecting baby names and baby naming)
  • Muse Names

  • If seeking bibliography software
    Bibliography software for research and scientific writing and other technical writing requiring bibliographies
  • Biblioscape 5.0
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