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Wizards for Word Software: Book Writer: Special Features   

The Wizards for Word 3.0 Software Manuscript Chapter Manager® is a file management aide system.  Its "Book Master" will create a special folder for all the chapters of your book and title it with a name similar to your book's title.  In addition, it can create short cuts on your desktop to add a chapter or edit an existing chapter. When you start up your computer the next day, all you need to do is click on one of these icons, and the wizard will do the rest. Book Master is the first Wizard to run when you begin a new book manuscript, (or convert a non-Wizard document.)

The Wizards for Word Elite Software Add-A-Chapter, Chapter Burster and Chapter Joiner®If you choose to keep a chapter or several chapters in separate files, you can use the Add-a-Chapter Wizard to create a new file with all the formats you defined in the first file, i.e., the one containing chapter one. This will ensure consistency throughout your finished manuscript. After using the wizard once, it will remember where your files are located and the number of the next chapter.

As you progress, you may wish to join these separate files into one large file, with the sequential page numbers and chapter numbers. You can use the Joiner Wizard, select the folder that contains your chapters, and joiner will create a new file containing all the chapters, repaginated and with the chapter numbers reordered. You can run Joiner as many times as you like, updating or even creating new files that have different chapter order. Print your entire manuscript for submission to an agent or editor.

Burster Wizard is Joiner in reverse, it takes a Wizard-formatted manuscript and burst it into separate chapter-files. The wizard will obtain the title from your multi-chapter document and the chapter format. It will create separate files, each with a chapter, and store them in a folder with a name similar to the manuscript title. You can locate these files under My Documents\My Books. These bite size pieces are great for editing and running Grammar Wizard. Whenever you need to look at a contiguous version, run Joiner.

The Wizards for Word Elite Software Spacing Wizard®Many of us were taught to put two spaces between sentences; however, with the advent of different fonts, the rules have changed.  Many editors now prefer that sentences be separated by one space. Don't worry, the Wizard will fix your entire document with a click of a button.

In addition, many times we add superfluous spaces at the end of paragraphs, or blank lines erroneously used for spacing. Again, the Wizard will fix them with just the click of a button, eliminating extra spaces between sentences and at the end of paragraphs, and those superfluous blank lines.

The Wizards for Word Elite Software Front Master®will add various pages (the "front matter") to your Novel or Nonfiction manuscript.  Most of these will be vital to your manuscript before it will be ready to submit to potential agents/publishers.  Using Front Master, you can add:

  • Dedication
  • Endorsements
  • List of Illustrations (Nonfiction)
  • List of Tables (Nonfiction)
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword
  • Glossary (Nonfiction)
  • Abstract (Nonfiction)
  • Prologue

    All pages are preformatted according to the Writer's Market/CMS guidelines, ready for you to add content.

    The Wizards for Word Elite Software Format Repair Wizard®The Repair Wizard makes it easy to fix poorly formatted manuscripts.  This surprisingly small toolbar is the gateway to completely re-paginating and re-formatting your rough drafts, adding the proper chapter divisions, headings, paragraph styles, and every other aspect of your manuscript.  It's particularly useful for fixing up manuscripts you wrote (or started writing) before you ever purchased this software.

    Is your manuscript a mess? When you print it do the page numbers disappear? Are they wrong, off the page? Do headers/slug lines print properly? When you add text, do your chapter headings creep? Is the format inconsistent?

    Repair Wizard can fix it. The Wizard will search for chapter headings and reformat them, search for blank lines used to get to the next page and delete them, put a new slug line in, new title page, and reformat the text to comply with the Chicago Manual of Style and Writer's Market Guidelines.

    It's easy...click in a poorly formatted paragraph...click one of the Repair Wizard tool buttons. It's fixed.

    For example, let's say you created chapter openings by repeatedly pressing the enter key to space down a third of the page, and then used the space bar or tab key to get about center. Then, you typed "Chapter" and a number. Looks good so far.

    Later, you added text prior to this chapter opening. Now, you find the chapter heading is near the bottom of the page and up against the right margin. Ugly. A mess. Why did that happen? Don't worry, the Repair Wizard will fix it so your chapter headings will never creep again.

    With your mouse, click anywhere within the word "Chapter", click on the # Chap# Reformat button. Magic. "Chapter" followed by the correct number appears, centered three inches down from the top margin. Those superfluous lines, spaces and tabs are gone. If you add text to the body of the story in the prior chapter, the chapter openings will move automatically, magically, so they always begin on a new page, three inches down from the top margin. There's no extra lines, no extra spaces, no creep. If you add new chapters, all subsequent chapters will renumber automatically, all the pages will align and renumber.

    You can open your chapters with text or numbers, Roman or Italic, left justified or centered. If you want chapter titles instead of numbers, no problem, have it your way.

    In addition, the Wizard will get rid of extra spaces between sentences and at the end of paragraphs, and much more.

    The margins are set properly, the double space requirement is enforced, indents, font size, headers, page numbers, and all the other formatting is done for you. Ready-Set-Done.

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