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Proposal Writer   
Proposal Writing Software   
A Software Component of The Wizards for Word 4.0 Software
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The Wizards for Word 3.0 Software Proposal Writer® allows you to create an entire book proposal, virtually instantly laying out each section (for example, competition, marketing, etc.) and setting the styles of paragraphs, block quotations, epigraphs, fonts, section titles, page numbers, margins, title page, and more...every element of your proposal.

The software is based upon Elizabeth Lyon's Nonfiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write. Using the concepts and guidelines from the book, Proposal Writer creates and formats a skeleton document. You add the content.

Here are some sample screenshots from Proposal Writer:

The Proposal Writer input form makes it easy to enter your author information:

Proposal Writer is now a part of the powerful Wizards for Word SOFTWARE (just $89), which contains everything you need to create almost EVERY structural element of ANY type of writing.  The Wizard contains ALL the following software components . . .all on one convenient CD (or download):
Book Writer
Novel Formatter
Short Story Writer
Article Writer
Query Letter/Mass Mailer
Proposal Writer
Synopsis Formatter
Grammar Wizard
and more, including Format Repair Wizard!

Click here for more details about The Wizards for Word software package.

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Note: Proposal Writer is not sold separately.
The software creates sections for:
  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • The Concept
  • The Package
  • The Author
  • The Market
  • The Competition
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Production Details
  • Book Table of Contents
  • Sample Chapters
  • A typical table of contents:

    TThe formatting is done. Headers, slug lines, and page numbers are all automatic. You then just hit the F9 key, and the table of contents will update to reflect the current sections and page numbers.

    Look professional and present a proposal that any acquisition editor will champion at the infamous publisher committee meetings!
    Wizards for Word $89
    or Wizard "Cheetaah"

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