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WriteCraft Story Writing Software
for Novels, Screenplays, Plays, and Short Stories
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WriteCraft 3.0 Story-Writing Software is a powerful, easy-to-use, as-you-write software program that gives you everything you need to know to write stories using the Jarvis Method, one of the most respected and effective approaches to constructing dynamic, well-structured stories of every type and genre!

And because the Jarvis Method is the foundation of every great story, we've priced WriteCraft at just $19, so everyone can afford it. (order it here)

In fact, the Jarvis Method, designed by fiction guru John Jarvis, is based on the mythology and wisdom of the ancients and is used today in fiction classrooms around the country and the world.

(And the Jarvis Method powers the popular StoryCraft line of story-creation software, which we also sell here.)


WriteCraft 3.0 is a tool that you can refer to as you write, which will give you—right in front of your computer screen—constant information, advice, and reminders about all the secrets of great story writing, clarified and simplified by the powerful Jarvis Method.
        As you use WriteCraft while you write your novels, screenplays, plays, or short stories, you'll get better and better at incorporating the Jarvis Method into every one of your stories, as you'll understand more and more about each of the stages of the Jarvis Method, which include:

Stage I. Story Concept

The initial story idea is turned into a concise, summarizing concept. Often neglected by writing teachers, the Story Concept is the basic premise that forms the foundation of every well-developed story.

Stage II. Story Category

The underlying purpose of the story is formulated. No other method so clearly encourages the writer to clarify the story's "moral direction."
       Every story ever written falls under one of three Categories:
  • Action stories, which focus primarily on the plot, the action;
  • Character stories, which focus primarily on the learning experiences of the main character;
  • Epic, or Theme, stories, which focus primarily on a theme greater than the characters or circumstances of the particular story.

Stage III. Story Type

The overall pattern of the story is determined. Remarkably, every piece of high-quality fiction can be grouped into 22 fairly distinct Types (for example, "Capture and Escape Stories," "Love Stories," "Revenge Stories," "Coming of Age Stories").
       More basic than mere genres, these Types define the essence of the story and determine its overall pattern.

Stage IV. World Creation

The main characters, their helpers, and their Worlds are given life.
       The Goal of the Hero... The Hero's personality... strengths... weaknesses... The Antagonist's motivations... The Environment of the Hero... The Environment of the Antagonist... The Allies... The Shape-changers... The Gate-guardians...
...all need to be carefully developed at this Stage.

Stage V. Story Creation

The structure steps for the particular Type of story are completed. Every great story shares 12 fundamental steps of structure, each dependent upon the story's Concept, Category, and Type.
       At this stage, each step is filled in with the Characters and Environments developed in the World Creation stage, adding plot twists and developing the story according roughly to its unique pattern.

WriteCraft 3.0 also contains:

• GUIDANCE FOR WRITING action adventures, chase stories, love stories, theme-based epics, and more than 20 other types of stories.

• ACCESS TO ONLINE LIBRARY of classical literature (foreign as well as American), encyclopedias of literature and mythology, and feature film and television scripts.

• THE ENTIRE ARCHIVE of Story and Myth: The Online Journal of Classic Story Writing, which ran originally from May 1996 to July 1997 and included numerous essays by John Jarvis and others.

As you're reading through the issues of Story and Myth, you'll find of particular interest a column called "Story Typing," which used particular movie classics and blockbusters to illustrate how the Jarvis Method not only describes their structure but also clarifies both their strengths and their deficiencies. Over the years since Story and Myth, it's truly remarkable to see just how much current movies have come to adopt the Jarvis Method.

And if you're looking for more, consider this:

Everything in WriteCraftand much more — is contained in the entire line of StoryCraft Software!

Thus StoryCraft is a complete software program for writing novels and screenplays, from story idea to completed story, powered by the Jarvis Method. (More about StoryCraft is here!)

About the Creator
of the Jarvis Method

John Jarvis, creator of the Jarvis Method and co-creator and inventor of StoryCraft Software, at his studioJohn Cooke Jarvis, Jr. (Feb. 19, 1940 - March 14, 2009), fiction guru, was the inventor of the well-known approach to writing fiction that has come to be called "The Jarvis Method", made internationally popular in WriteCraft Software as well as in the StoryCraft line of story-development software, which incorporates his Method.

He was a professional screenwriter and member of the WGA, with editions of the syndicated television dramas "Family Medical Center" and "Behind the Secret Door" to his credit.

Before going to Hollywood, Mr. Jarvis, who held a Masters in Fine Arts from Old Dominion University and was an expert in Jungian philosophy and Wagnerian opera as well as classical and mythological fiction, was for nearly 30 years production manager for Public TV in Hampton Roads and a pioneer in radio-drama production in the Southeast. His published works included the e-book "The Wagner Companion", the audio book "Wagner and the Second Renaissance", and the radio drama on CD of Wagner's short story "End in Paris." He worked as a radio announcer and producer at WRVC-FM until 1968, and after that at WGH-FM, WTMG-FM, WHRO-FM, and local News Radio Station WNIS.

In Hollywood he, among other things, free-lanced for Ralph Edwards-Stu Billiett, producers of "The Family Medical Center" and "The People's Court."

Over the years, he introduced literally thousands of students to his Method and created a legion of talented and successful followers. He lectured frequently and also taught the highly acclaimed "New Dimensions In Writing" series on the writing of fiction.

A co-founder of the prestigious Story and Myth: The Online Journal of Classic Story Writing (which is included with the WriteCraft Software), and for many years the structure columnist for Screenwrite NOW!, the predecessor to Scr(i)pt Magazine, Mr. Jarvis wrote extensively on all subjects pertinent to fiction.

System Requirements

• 8 MB RAM, 6 MB disk space
• Windows 98/2000-2013/NT/XP/ME/Vista/7.0/8.0/9.0 or higher
• or any Mac Operating System

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or StoryCraft Luxury $69
or StoryCraft Ultimate $119

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