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BookShapers® is the SuperCenter's team of accomplished editors of fiction and non-fiction books, booklets, articles, speeches, press releases, dissertations, and more, who not only edit your manuscript, but also can help you with every stage of writing, from developing your book idea to writing it, to revising it, to printing it.
      With BookShapers, we tailor our service to your precise needs.  If you just want proofreading, we can do that.  If you need advice, we offer that too.  If you want a thorough edit, we can do that.  If you need it printed in book or booklet form, we can do that too.  No job is too big, nor too small.  (Click here to learn more about our highly experienced editors and to see some of their completed projects and the glowing endorsements they've received for their work.)

Customized Tasks
      BookShapers are flexible.  We're here to offer you as much help as you want.  We can give you the all-encompassing editing of the Comprehensive Development Editing, described farther below, or we can give you any one, or more, specific editing specialties.  For instance, if you have a draft that you want us to critique, we can prepare a detailed critique.  Or we can discuss your project with you in a detailed telephonic consultation.  If you want a thorough edit, we can correct grammar, spelling, and usage errors, and make sure that your writing flows clearly and concisely.  If you want a major re-write, that can be done too.  We can even get your manuscript printed and bound for publication.
      In short, we tailor our editing to your precise wishes.  And all you have to do is let us know how much editing you want: Just use our convenient online Price Quote/Inquiry Form to describe your specific needs—and we can begin the process of communicating with you and getting your project off to a flying start, or re-start.  Click here for the Price Quote/Inquiry Form.

Comprehensive Editing
      Our most valuable service is what we call our Comprehensive Developmental Editing.  This is actually a combination of editing, instruction, inspiration, advice, and guidance through every stage of the writing process.
      With this approach, we begin with advice on how to turn your particular ideas into a structured, logical, written presentation.
      We then proofread your earlier draft, correcting grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and improper word usage (selection), pointing out confusing passages and weak writing, re-writing and suggesting revisions.  We emphasize making the writing easy to read, easy to understand, flowing logically, even somewhat rhythmically.  If fiction, we also examine characterization and character development, pacing, plotting, voice, tone, and so on.
      We next go through your revision, using the same fine-toothed-comb approach, further correcting and honing the work.  And in the process, we not only offer advice, but we also instruct, we impart our knowledge about what makes good writing, and what makes good reading, onto you.  We are educators as much as we are editors.
      And finally, when your work is ready to be sold or distributed, we can bind the book or booklet, utilizing print-on-demand publishing.
      If you'd like this comprehensive approach for your project—or, if you need a more specific editing task—click here for a price quote.  Our editors are eager to serve you.

Book/Article Proposal Consultation
      Many beginning writers do not appreciate the importance of a well-designed query letter.  Your article proposal can help you secure an article sale even before you've written barely the first word of a first draft.  Our book- (or atricle-) proposal-consultation service will first help you develop your content for a specific market and guide you to the right publishing process for your goals, as well as inspire innovative ways to reach your reader.  This consultation will bring you to a coherent and marketable statement of what your article is about and who it is for, and will provide you with your organizing philosophy for the article's tone and direction.  You’ll walk away with notes of our interactions where we capture, synthesize and underscore the essential concepts, stories and content for your proposal.  And in so doing, it puts you well on your way to selling your article idea to a magazine/newspaper/newsletter editor and having a clear direction for beginning (or completing) your first draft.  Click the Price Quote/Inquiry Form to have us contact you about this invaluable service.

First Draft Critique
      One of our most popular article-writing services is our detailed review and evaluation of your first draft, explaining what we see you're doing right as well as where and how you can improve, providing you with renewed energy and direction for your article project.  Click here for the Price Quote/Inquiry Form.


       Talk to our writing/editing specialist today and we can give you a great low price for getting the perfect writing or editing you need done.
       Just use this Quick Quote Form (or call us right now at 800-589-1022) for a prompt, personal response!


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