Welcome to Your Code of Ethics, an umbrella of blogs of opinion, information, and discussion on the elements of honesty. Each blog covers a particular element of honesty:

The Honest Self-Talk/Integrity blog deals with being truthful to oneself and promoting that honesty in one’s relationships. It relates to how we arrive at, and adapt, our beliefs and assumptions, and includes ideas about how consciously, and sub-consciously, we “talk” to ourselves, telling ourselves a story of who we believe we are.

This narrative is the story of your life, a narrative that either may honestly reflect who you are and who you want to be or may be self-deceptive, self-depreciative, or self-destructive. The blog also looks at how we can improve that narrative through software and other means.

The Honest Self-Talk/Integrity blog also offers personal codes of ethics — pledges and promises we and our families can make to ourselves to stay upright and stick to desirable principles while having the courage to change or adapt principes in the light of new knowledge and new experiences.

The Honest Discourse blog deals with honest communication in spite of disagreement. It allows you, the reader, to become involved in friendly debate in the interests of promoting understanding and reconciliation among people of differing beliefs and assumptions about life, politics, and so on.

Within the Honest Discourse blog, liberals, conservatives, libertarians, and those of any other political, religious or social persuasion can explain, think about, and discuss — in a cordial forum — how and why they differ and how ultimately those differences can be bridged and reconciled, or at least better understood and appreciated.

The Honest Discourse blog also includes access to codes of ethics for bloggers as well as of many major newspapers and associations of journalists.

The Honest Government blog deals with honest communication between our government and all of us, looking at how government loses the trust of its citizens when its laws and regulations are based on dishonest interpretations of founding principles or are written in indirect, unclear, imprecise language.

The blog therefore advocates use of StyleWriter Software, a major software program for editing government documents in clear language and plain English. And the Honest Government blog promotes knowledge of the Constitution and our system of government generally, encourages extrication from government intervention in our daily lives, and offers access to extensive resources for monitoring our laws and the rulings pertinent to those laws.

The Honest Government blog also presents historic examples of honestly held opinions on government from great commentators, pundits, and experts.

The Honest Creativity blog deals with how our creative work needs to be produced with honest consideration of how that work may impact those who see, read, or hear that work.

To that end, the blog emphasizes an ongoing project to create and promote a written statement advocating “positive writing” among creative artists, especially fiction writers and screenwriters. Called the “Declaration of the Positive Writer,” the declaration encourages self-censorship according to one’s own honestly evaluated goals, beliefs, and values.

The Honest Business / Honest Association blog deals with honest communication in businesses, associations, and any other organizations, and it includes access to 100s of ethical codes of associations, organizations, and businesses, all arranged by profession/avocation.

Words of Honor Store: Where Free Speech and Free Market Come Together

As a complement to these blogs, we offer a store in which you can purchase (as you support the work of our blogs) products that embody many of the concepts being promoted within the blogs. The Words of Honor Store has software programs for writing more clearly as well as books on a host of topics of significance to conservative thought, values, history, and politics.

One of our software programs, for instance, is StyleWriter Editing Software, which can be used within government offices to improve writing and thereby increase transparency and accountability. Indeed, with Congress’s recent passage of the Plain Writing Act of 2010, StyleWriter will be one of the essential tools for changing the writing culture within government and, we hope, giving the People greater understanding of what their government is doing and, with it, greater ability to bring their government back to its Founders’ vision of protecting liberty and facilitating freedom and responsibility.

Why Honesty is the Focus of Our Blogsite

Whether you are conservative, liberal, or any other persuasion, it is from honesty that all our best values and virtues naturally flow.

If, for example, you believe that free markets, liberty, freedom, small government, individualism, and responsibility are all positive values, then adopting honesty — weighing fairly and openly all relevant pros and cons — will strenghten and complement those values.

Conversely, whatever honesty ultimately opposes or contradicts must necessarily not be what is right.

In short, the elements of honesty are the proving grounds for what is right and what is wrong. If a belief or assumption fails the test of honesty, then it should be rejected — regardless of whether it is held by a conservative, a liberal, or anyone else. And the Great Ideas that pass the test of honesty should be embraced, prized, and guarded with our lives.

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