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StoryCraft New Edition  for Screenwriters & Novelists
… and for Every Wannabe Story Writer
(Great for Homeschoolers too! — It TEACHES Story Writing AS YOU WRITE.)

After Nearly 3 Decades, The Premiere Fiction- Writer’s Software Just Got SUPERCHARGED!

If you love the original StoryCraft (known as StoryCraft Classic), you’ll FLIP over this! Building on the success of the Classic, we have re-conceived the program and offer to writers a number of great enhancements to the original for character and plot development based on the Hero’s Journey and the popular Jarvis Hero-Story Writing Method developed by John Jarvis.

Our application is designed to run on Mac and Windows.

Text developed within StoryCraft can be exported to your favorite word processor for finishing touches and advanced page formatting.

Buy it now. Just $39. (Or get StoryCraft Classic for just $19) Order today!

StoryCraft Overview

StoryCraft New Edition for Screenwriters and Novelists


Created by André Van Haren. Narrated by Richard Schletty.
1. Starting a new Story (click here to access this video) 2. Category and Plot (click here to access this video) 3. Characters part 1: Creating and Moving Characters (click here to access this video) 4. Characters part 2: Description (click here to access this video) 5. Creating Worlds (click here to access this video) 6. Outlining the Story (click here to access this video)

Buy StoryCraft New Edition now for just $39. Order today!
Or order StoryCraft Classic – just $19.


Story Section and Story Clock

Characters and Locations

Write Section

Buy StoryCraft New Edition now for just $39. Order today!
Or order StoryCraft Classic – just $19.

StoryCraft is one of the most respected and most popular story-creation software programs ever produced. Last year, the number of StoryCrafts sold reached more than 14,000. The software utilizes the Jarvis Method of story writing, which was developed by John Jarvis, the StoryCraft‘s co-creator, along with Irwin Berent. Among the first to offer software for writing, they were also among the first to use the term “story-creation software.”


Buy StoryCraft New Edition now for just $39. Order today!
Or order StoryCraft Classic – just $19.


So stop procrastinating and start writing…better than you’ve ever written before.
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