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StoryCraft at the Hero Place

   Fiction Writing Software/App ($29)

Includes the power of the StoryCraft® story-creation writing tool combined with all the other features of The Hero Place for understanding the Hero’s Journey and applying it to writing great stories, promoting heroes, and living a heroic life!
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StoryCraft at the Hero Place

Writing Immersed in the Hero Experience!

Since 1996, the many versions of StoryCraft Software have been, and continue to be, the pre-eminent story-development software used by professionals as well as wannabe writers to write stories that follow the Hero’s Journey pattern utilized in the classics, great works of fiction and blockbuster screenplays.    StoryCraft is the only writing software program in the world based entirely on the Hero’s Journey Paradigm!

Now for the first time, the company that coined the phrase “story-processing software” offers the innovation of writing—fully immersed in the HERO EXPERIENCE.  Operating within The Hero Place, StoryCraft at the Hero Place  is a revolutionary new kind of story-creation experience, a holistic wisdom experience, allowing you not just to create stories but to experience and appreciate every aspect of, and use of, the hero’s journey concept, as you create your stories!

   This is the revolutionary new writing experience for Screenwriters & Novelists
   … and for Every Wannabe Story Writer

      Great for Homeschoolers too — It TEACHES Heroism  and Story Writing…  AS YOU WRITE!


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Shape your hero stories!  Shape your heroic life!

StoryCraft at The Hero Place  is a revolutionary online story-creation program – designed specifically for writing any kinds of stories (from short stories to screenplays and novels) – that comes with history’s greatest writing coaches and hero wisdom and inspiration built right into it.  An expansion of our Classic StoryCraft Program, it is embedded in our Hero-Making Writer’s Community known as The Hero Place, offering users all the inspiration of continuously updated knowledge and wisdom about every facet of the hero’s journey — the foundation of the StoryCraft program — while guiding users through every step of creating a perfectly constructed story!

            Complete membership to The Hero Place is included!

Here you will discover and learn all the ways the journey-story pattern can be applied not only to story writing but to every facet of your life.  In addition to guiding you through the entire process of writing perfectly developed stories of any type, the program makes it easy to discover heroes, promote the work of heroes, and nurture heroism in yourself and your community.


Buy STORYCRAFT today!  Click here to order for as little as $19!

StoryCraft Makes You a Master Story Writer!

The engine that drives the story-creation part of StoryCraft at the Hero Place  is StoryCraft.  StoryCraft turns you into a master story-teller, taking all the story ideas dancing in your head and transforming them into fully-developed short stories, novels, and screenplays.

Beginning with the story idea, the software guides you through each step of conceiving, developing and writing your story. And because it utilizes the hero’s journey archetypes common to all great stories and myths, it is ideal for expressing every kind of story, be it fantasy and adventures, love stories, coming of age stories, revenge stories, mysteries, and even stories based on your own life experience. This is a story-development software program that gives you all the guidance and organizing power needed by professionals as well as wannabe writers to write stories based on the Hero’s Journey, the pattern utilized in the classics, great works of fiction and blockbuster screenplays.  More about StoryCraft

Writing a story utilizing the Hero’s Journey concept is not complicated when each Stage of your story is guided with the Jarvis Method of story creation developed by John Jarvis, the creator of the original StoryCraft story-development engine. Here are the main Stages of the Jarvis Method, incorporated into the StoryCraft program:

Stage I. Story Concept
The initial story idea is turned into a concise, summarizing concept. Often neglected by writing teachers, the Story Concept is the basic premise that forms the foundation of every well-developed story.

Stage II. Story Category
The underlying purpose of the story is formulated. No other program so clearly encourages the writer to clarify the story’s “moral direction.” Every story ever written falls under one of two Categories: (1) Action stories, which focus primarily on the plot, the action; (2) Theme stories, which focus primarily on the learning experiences of the main character.

Stage III. Story Type
The overall pattern of the story is determined. Remarkably, every piece of high-quality fiction can be grouped into 22 fairly distinct Types (for example, “Capture and Escape Stories,” “Love Stories,” “Revenge Stories,” “Coming of Age Stories”). More basic than mere genres, these Types define the essence of the story and determine its overall pattern.

Stage IV. World Creation
The main characters, their helpers, and their Worlds are given life. The Goal of the Hero… The Hero’s personality…strengths…weaknesses… The Antagonist’s motivations… The Environment of the Hero… The Environment of the Antagonist… The Allies… The Shape-changers… The Gate-guardians… all are carefully developed.

Stage V. Story Creation
The structure steps for the particular Type of story are completed. Every great story shares 12 fundamental steps of structure–based on the Hero’s Journey pattern–each dependent upon the story’s Concept, Category, and Type. At this stage, each step is filled in with the Characters and Environments developed in the World Creation stage, adding plot twists an developing the story according roughly to its unique pattern.

Buy STORYCRAFT today!  Click here to order for as little as $19!

Harness the Power of the Hero’s Journey… and The Hero Place!

With StoryCraft at the Hero Place, the user has full access not only to the StoryCraft story-creation tool but also to all the other resources and wisdom of The Hero Place Project, including all its resources for everything to do with Heroes, Heroism, and the Hero’s Journey — and much more!  Because StoryCraft is built right into The Hero Place, users have immediate access to tools and wisdom for fully understanding, appreciating and applying the myriad of uses of the concept of the hero’s journey – from story development to goal setting, meeting challenges, handling past trauma, and much more.  More about The Hero Place

StoryCraft is Therapeutic too!

While professional writers use StoryCraft to develop novels & screenplays, anyone can use it just for the pure joy of expressing yourself through your own non-judgmental creative imagination.  And whether you write for publication or just for self-expression, the software can even be used to create stories based on your life for resolving traumas and other life issues.
In fact, you can use StoryCraft for therapy too, as it gives you the freedom to delve into any traumas or challenges you have faced in your life — even making up characters and situations that may mirror your own experiences while giving you the emotional distance of “just being a story” — to see yourself as a hero on a journey.


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  Let the StoryCraft® line of Story-Creation Software turn you into a master story-teller, taking all the story ideas dancing in your head and transforming them into fully-developed short stories, novels, and screenplays. When you use StoryCraft, the world’s most popular story-creation software, every minute of writing becomes a fun and rewarding creative journey…

So, take your journey with one of these outstanding software editions of StoryCraft:
StoryCraft Classic Edition ($19) – Guides you through the process of creating your story, using the Jarvis Method of story creation. 

StoryCraft at The Hero Place ($29) – Combines our classic story-development software with all the tools and wisdom about hero-story writing and heroism generally at The Hero Place, forming a total, truly revolutionary, completely online writing experience.

StoryCraft New Edition ($39) – is a complete re-imagining of the StoryCraft program, offering to writers a number of great enhancements to the original for character and plot development based on the Hero’s Journey and the popular Jarvis Hero-Story Writing Method developed by John Jarvis.
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