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StoryCraft New Edition Fiction-Writing Software ($39)

John Jarvis (bio) and Irwin Berent (bio) created StoryCraft in 1996, establishing the first “story-creation” software program, today known universally as StoryCraft Classic. At the heart of the program ever since has been the Jarvis Method, invented by John Jarvis.

In 2018, André van Haren, a protegé of Jarvis and expert in the Jarvis Method, began re-designing the classic StoryCraft program, ultimately releasing StoryCraft New Edition, a masterful and dazzling interpretation of the classic with full writing capacity as well as innovative interfaces for character and story development. André is also an accomplished musician. Born in 1963 in Holland and currently residing in Ghothenburg, Sweden, André studied piano with Robert Groslot and composition with Henk Alkema. In 1990, he received a Bachelor Degree in Music in Classical Piano and Composition from the Conservatory in Utrecht, The Netherlands. His main instrument is the piano, and he has been composing and arranging music for various ensembles including piano, choir, chamber ensembles and orchestra for over sixteen years.

John C. Jarvis, Inventor of the Jarvis Method of Story Development:

Irwin M. Berent, Co-Creator of StoryCraft:

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