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Unlike any other store on the Internet, the Writers SuperCenter is the only store that buys writer’s software on a massive scale so that we can offer our customers the absolutely lowest prices. In so doing, we undersell every other major competitor.  Thus, we buy our software in bulk…so that we can afford to give our customers the best prices on the Internet.

Our aim is to be simple and direct, while at the same time offering service that is second to none. All our products are the most up-to-date versions, and they are fully warrantied by their manufacturers and fully supported by our 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week tech support staff.

We want your buying experience with us to be 100% satisfying. We’re proud to say that nearly 30% of our customers are repeat customers who return to purchase other software products from us. People are often pleasantly surprised to discover that their writing improves considerably after they use just one of our products…and when they add a second, or even third, product, their writing improves even more.

So buy one of our story-development software programs…and then buy a formatter…or a story-board generator…or buy another story-developer! Indeed, you’ll be surprised at how well all of our products complement each other, even the products that are of the same type. And if you do buy more than one product, we’ll give you an immediate additional $5 discount (that’s in addition to the already discounted price on every one of our software programs) for each additional software purchase (order two more products, and get $10 off; order three more, get $15 off, and so on)!

We make sure that each of our products is a unique writer’s tool that offers capabilities lacking in the other. For instance, one story-development tool may focus more on arranging scenes, while another may focus more on brain storming, and another on character development, and so on.

For ultimately, the aim of the Writers SuperCenter is to make you a SuperWriter!!!

Thank you for your patronage.

Irwin Berent — Founder and President, Writers SuperCenter

Irwin Berent has an abiding passion for open and honest communication, around which all his professional activities revolve. In 2001, he founded Writer SuperCenter, which today is one of the largest and oldest purveyors of book-editing and story-writing software on the Internet. The SuperCenter is an off-shoot of his work helping to develop (with John Jarvis) the StoryCraft Story-Development Software program, for which he created WritersPage.com in 1996.

An internationally published author, Mr. Berent has co-written with the noted wordsmith Rod L. Evans several books, including Getting Your Words’ Worth (Warner Books, 1993), Weird Words (Berkley Publishing Group, 1995), More Weird Words (Berkley, 1995), and A Dictionary of Highly Unusual Words (Berkley, 1997), as well as an interpersonal communications book (The Right Words, Warner Books, 1992) and The ABC Of Cat Trivia (with Introduction by Betty White; St. Martin’s Press, 1996).

Often listed in Who’s Who in America (since 1999), and championing a broad spectrum of issues relevant to both liberal and conservative philosophies, he and Dr. Evans have also compiled scholarly works (published by Open Court) on issues ranging from the debate over drug legalization to Biblical fundamentalism. Those works have received introductions, forewords, or endorsements from such prominent individuals as Robert Schuller, Linus Pauling, Isaac Asimov, Hugh Downs, Steve Allen, Charlton Heston, and Milton Friedman.

He is also the co-compiler of The Quotable Conservative: The Giants of Conservatism on Liberty, Freedom, Individual Responsibility, and Traditional Virtues (1996, Adams Media Corp.) with an introduction by William F. Buckley, Jr.; and in 2005, he created ConservativeWords.com, a blogsite advocating honest communication and presenting a significant collection of online codes of ethics. And in 2009, he founded the Plain Writing Association (www.Plain-Writing-Association.org).

His love of history runs deep too. Holding a Master of Arts degree in American History (East Carolina University, 1982), Berent is completing his magnum opus, a 20-volume Encyclopedia of Norfolk, Virginia, covering over 400 years of history, geography, infrastructure, military, agriculture, transportation, neighborhoods, and people of one of the most significant historical areas in America.  (Research from that work is featured on NorfolkHistory.com, another of Berent’s websites.)

In 1985, he compiled The Crewmen of the USS Monitor: A Biographical Directory (N.O.A.A., N.C. Div. of Archives and History); his Monitor/Merrimack crew collection is housed at the Mariner’s Museum Archives in Newport News, Virginia. He is also the author of Norfolk, Virginia: A Jewish History of the 20th Century (2001, JewishHistoryUSA.com). And his resource for the study of worldwide Jewish family histories – Jewish Genealogy: A Sourcebook of Family Trees and Histories (Avotaynu, 1990, David Zubatsky, co-compiler) – is considered a classic in its field.

Berent took over the prestigious StudioNotes screenplay critiqueing service in 2002. And in 2009, he helped found ShortBios.com, the noted biography-services company managed by his brother Steve, an accomplished biographer.

In addition, he is a founding editor (2011) of the online magazine Hampton Roads Times (HamptonRoadsTimes.com), a source for business resources as well as news and opinion for Southeastern Virginia.

Irwin Berent is married to Sabrina Louise Berent.

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