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Adding Transition Effects

You can access the transition effects for a panel by selecting the "Effects" button in the "Panel Timing and Sound" dialog. There are many transition effects that you can use for your image.


The delay is the speed at which the effect will be processed.


The grain is used for effects like "checkerboard". For example, if you selected a checkerboard effect the grain would be the size of the blocks in the checkerboard.


"Passes" are the number of iterations of painting that will be used to render the effect you have chosen. Usually this value will be 1.


You can use the Preview button to test your settings.


The cancel button will stop your preview from playing if it is playing. Otherwise it will close the "Paint Effect Options" dialog box.

Once you select "OK" BoardMaster will set values in the "Panel Timing and Sound" dialog for this transition effect. It is not recommended to mix effects with zooming and panning.

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