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About the Timing Summary

To bring up the Timing Summary dialog use the icon pictured above or use the main menu by selecting "Timing" - "Timing Summary". Once in the timing summary, you can select an image by clicking in the first row, and the information for that panel will be highlighted. The timing summary can be printed, or exported as a comma delimited text file that can be imported by such programs as Microsoft Excel.

The timing summary is comprised of information from 3 locations:

Timing Information

The timing information is generated by BoardMaster as you work on your project. The Timing Summary will show the time and film footage assigned to each image and a running total of the time and footage used for the entire project. It will also show which images have been assigned "Zooming and Panning".

Timing Sheet Headings

The headings on the timing sheet are determined by the project settings. The headings you assigned will be the headings used by the timing summary.

Timing Sheet Data

The data on the timing sheet is on a panel by panel basis. Information added to a given panel in the "Timing Sheet Info" tab of the panel settings dialog box will be displayed.