How StoryCraft Works  

StoryCraft Classic Software/App ($19)

Writing a story utilizing the Hero’s Journey concept is not complicated when each Stage of your story is guided with StoryCraft Story-Creation Software.

Here are the main Stages of StoryCraft:

Learn about John Jarvis, the creator of the Jarvis Method system that powers StoryCraft.

Order StoryCraft Classic for $19. (Or get StoryCraft New Edition for just $39.)

Buy Today to start taking your creative hero journey with one of these outstanding software editions of StoryCraft:

StoryCraft Classic Edition $19 – Guides you through the process of creating your story, using the Jarvis Method of story creation.  (Order today)

Note: Luxury enhancements are now incorporated into the software; Ultimate version of the Classic is no longer available.

StoryCraft New Edition $39 – is a complete re-imagining of the StoryCraft program, offering to writers a number of great enhancements to the original for character and plot development based on the Hero’s Journey and the popular Jarvis Hero-Story Writing Method developed by John Jarvis.  (Order today)

• When you order either StoryCraft Classic Software or StoryCraft New Edition, you can also get StoryCraft Classic Online Hero Campus for just $10 extra – StoryCraft Classic Online Hero Campus is the online version of StoryCraft Classic Software, which includes not only all the StoryCraft tools for writing any kind of fiction — which guide you through the process of creating your complete story using the Jarvis Method of story creation — but also an online repository of tools and information for harnessing the Power of the Hero’s Journey for writing stories as well as for self-improvement, overcoming trauma, building business, and a host of other invaluable, life-strengthening parts of the heroic life.  (Order today)

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