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What Experts Say About Our Journaling Software

Barbara Bretton, USA Today best selling novelist, exclaims:
"I can't say enough good things about Life Journal. I'm a professional writer who has been keeping a journal since I was 7 or 8 years old (about 40 years) and LifeJournal has done the impossible: made me love the process even more!" Read Bretton's entire interview in our July newsletter.

James W. Pennebaker, PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of Texas and author of Opening Up: The Healing Power of Expressing Emotion, states:
"The research findings are clear: writing about emotional events can help promote physical and mental health. A system like LifeJournal is a novel approach that has the potential to help millions explore their thoughts and feelings in a safe and creative way."

Kathleen Adams, author, Journal to the Self, and Director, The Center for Journal Therapy, endorses the software:
"I love LifeJournal more each time I open it. It's genius personal journal software that you've created!" Read journal therapy expert Kay Adams' full endorsement.

Director of The Center for Journal Therapy, Kathleen Adams' Top 10 Reasons why LifeJournal is close to perfect:

It's secure.
It's easy-to-use.
It's comprehensive.
It's interactive.
It's inspirational.
It's organized.
It's encouraging.
It uses good journal writing techniques.
It's easy to learn.
It's based on best practices.

The Institute of Children's Literature has recently reviewed LifeJournal. Here's what the author, Kristi Holl had to say:

A New Discovery!

I recently found a program called LifeJournal, which is journal software to be stored in your computer.... (Note: This is not online journaling, which has become popular recently, where your journal entries are posted to web pages through a "digital diary" for all to read. LifeJournal is private and password protected!) For those of you who want to find later what you've written, this is perfect. This journal for Windows has options to highlight, store, name and search/retrieve anything you've written. If you're tracking your progress in a specific issue, or you just want to find that fleeting inspired idea you jotted down, this journal might be for you.

LifeJournal also has quotes to inspire you, questions to promote self-reflection, a dream journal for recording dreams, several "tools" (like their Dialogue box) for effective journaling, and a daily pulse gauge to monitor your mood, health, energy and stress levels. Then, when you close the journal window, you don't need a hiding place! It's all in your computer, and unless you reveal your password, no one but you can access it.