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Power Structure Story Development Software
for Windows or Mac

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ONLY $99 CD or download
Or for just $20 more, get the entire StoryCraft® Ultimate Software story-development package!  Click here to check it out!
The CD also includes our 5-hour DVD writing seminar of Michael Hauge's and Christopher Vogler's Insider Secrets: The Hero's 2 Journeys, one of the most important video seminars in story-writing ever produced, absolutely free with your purchase of Power Structure (CD)!

 Special: Save $5 for each additional software product you order!

What is Power Structure?

Why do most stories fail? Some common problems include:

  • A hookless beginning
  • Wooden and uninteresting characters
  • Poor and unrealistic dialogue
  • No Point of View
  • Story Gets Stuck in the Middle
  • A rushed ending

    Power Structure solves these writing problems.

    Power Structure is writing, outlining, and organizational software for screenwriters, novelists, playwrights, and writers of biographies, memoirs, and all works of fiction or non-fiction.
  • Power Structure operates 9 VIEWS critical to your story. (See the Online Demo.) As you write within each view, your story improves. You do not have to follow any particular order. Instead, write wherever your mind leads you.

    When you are done writing, you export your ideas and notes to a word-processing program or a screenwriting program like Hollywood Screenplay. Or you can print out your entire story directly from Power Structure.

    Take a tour of Power Structure!


    Power Structure works on the latest Windows and Mac platforms including Windows 2000-2013, Windows ME, XP, Vista, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, and Mac OS X.

    Virtually ANY creative writer and people
    who work with creative writers will benefit from using Power Structure™

    Power Structure™ brings intuitive ease-of-use, power and flexibility, and applies them to the story development process.  

    Pretty much everyone involved with creating the Power Structure program is a published or produced writer.

    Our expertise cover the range from novels to screenplays, to teaching writing, and even giving lectures and writing books on story analysis.

    The working writers who developed Power Structure are Ken Schafer and Stuart Voytilla.

    Ken Schafer is the designer and lead programmer of Power Structure. He also developed the award-winning FrameForge 3D Studio, Movie Magic Screenwriter, and Power Tracker.

    Ken has written for Star Trek: The Next Generation, ABC's Monday Night at the Movies, and has produced and sold projects to Paramount, Time Warner, Polygram, and ABC. He is the co-author of the Dreamworks SKG production bible.

    He has been a teacher of screenwriting and production at UC Davis and has been a guest lecturer to Women in Film.

    Stuart Voytilla is a writer, script consultant, and teacher of acting and screenwriting.

    Stuart is the co-founder, writer and producer (with Mark Redfield) in the company Redfield Arts. Voytilla's collaboration with Redfield goes back many years, and includes the play adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, that their screenplay was based on. Film credits for Redfield Arts include: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (co-writer, co-producer), The Sorcerer of Stonehenge School (co-writer, co-producer), Conjuring Aurora (co-writer, co-producer).

    Voytilla also lectures about myth and genre, and teaches screenwriting at San Diego State University. He is the author of two critically acclaimed books on story structure and genre, Myth and the Movies and (with Scott Petri) Writing the Comedy Film.

    Sure, there are almost as many Story Development software programs out there as there are Writing Gurus... so many of them that you are probably thinking: why do we need another one?  The answer is surprisingly simple. 

    Until Power Structure, the only sort of programs available were ones designed for writers who wanted writing help from some sort of electronic muse, and if you're anything like us... that just doesn't sound all that attractive.

    I'm a writer because I have stories that I want to tell. 

    Power Structure is designed to help me use my existing skills as a writer to tell these stories better, and to give me tools to help me discover my own weaknesses as a writer and overcome them myself

    What it won't do

    Tell you "insert more action here," or "make your protagonist compulsively neat because your obstacle character is a slob."

    If you want that kind of computerized paint-by-the-numbers help, you'll need to purchase some other program.  However, if you're a writer who wants to write, then Power Structure is for you.

    What it will do

    Inspire you to think about story elements and character development in ways that you might not have thought about before. 

    It will give you a Playground of the Mind™ : innovative, graphic methods of looking at your story, its conflicts, character development and more so that you can easily spot weak areas and strengthen them.  It will let you write in a manner that is most comfortable to you, letting you jot down ideas and write scenes in any order you want. 

    And most of all, it will simply give you a better place to write.

    Power Structure $99
    or StoryCraft Ultimate (includes Power Structure) $119

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