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Thomas Kane, contributing writer for MILLENNIUM, F & SF, and OMNI Magazine says: "No other program out there comes even close to doing what POWER STRUCTURE does, and I can say, without hesitation, that it does an absolutely outstanding job of helping the writer write." Click here for his entire review.

"The more I use Power Structure, the more I like it. It's fallen into my 'natural' category - as in, 'How did I get along without this?'"
--- Roger S. H. Schulman Oscar®-nominated writer, Shrek

"It's stunningly innovative! Nothing else gives me a visual overview of my story like Power Structure’s Conflict View--nothing! I can see the whole warp and weft, the ebb and flow at once, and spot ‘second act sag’ immediately... Plus, I’m not tied down to looking at my story in just one way. Power Structure lets me turn it inside out, upside down... I can rearrange and rewrite, use both left and right brain... all with just a click of the mouse. Fantastic!"
--- C.A. Mobley, best-selling author of Rites of War

"They call it Power Structure and you should read the remainder of this sentence very, very carefully: Every Screenwriter in the world needs Power Structure... [it] is the one tool that proves that there is a God, and that She loves screenwriters."
--- New York Screenwriter Review

"Despite initial misgivings about being "guided" in story development, I found myself entering information almost instantly. After half an hour, I was surprising myself at some of the story points I was developing, and began to realize that Power Structure was essentially helping me do what I normally do before starting a screenplay but [...] Power Structure allowed me to do it once, and change it around anyway I wanted with incredible flexibility. I'm converted, because it doesn't ask me to learn a whole new way of developing stories, but rather simply organizes my screenplay the way I've done for 20 years, but in a way that inspires me even more."
--- Jim Makichuk, Writer/Director, "GhostKeeper" (feature picture - Badland Pictures/New World) & "Roswell" (MOW- Paramount/Singer/White)

"Power Structure is near perfect. I've written four novels, seven screenplays, this is the most helpful software I've found."
--- Eric J. Adams

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