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Stefani Warren — Bio

A pioneer in the script writing software niche, Stefani Warren is the developer of Script Wizard and other writer's software programs. Mrs. Warren's highly regarded software designs are informed by over 40 years of experience working in and for the entertainment industry. Daughter of screenwriter Ardel Wray ("The Leopard Man", "I Walked With a Zombie", "Isle of the Dead"), Mrs. Warren’s resume includes an early career as an actress in television, a decade of work as an acting coach and stage director in regional theatres, and a stint writing action films (for kickboxing champs Jean Claude Van Dam and Oliver Grunner) and adapting Twain ("Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer") for productions at The Great American Children's Theatre in Milwaukee and the Portland Children’s Theatre in Oregon.

Mrs. Warren holds a Masters degree in Psychology from the University of New Mexico where, in 1975-76, she was a Guest Artist in Residence and worked with the late Robert Hartung to establish the UNM New Playwrights Program. She taught Acting, Television Production, and undergraduate Psychology courses at UNM for five years and was nominated for Outstanding Teacher of the Year in 1978. Her post-graduate career included research on the psychology of media perception and work as a Clinical Psychologist at the Children’s Seizure Disorder Clinic in Socorro, NM and in various clinical settings in Albuquerque, NM.

Mrs. Warren lives in Southern California and has a son in High School.